Astrology by Teresa

Computerized (much cheaper) readings offer lots of information, but it is all left for you to assemble, like the astrology version of furniture from that Swedish DIY store.  You are meant to put it together into something useful after the fact.

I do an intuitive, highly personal style of astrology that includes asteroids, fixed stars, and other eclectic astrological data according to the guidance I receive from the Kipu.  So there is no assembly required, the information comes ready to use.  I offer a larger perspective on the structure of your consciousness as projected into your personality, with suggestions on how to achieve personal balance.

No two chart interpretations are the same.  Reports range from 10-25 pages, and are delivered in email format usually within two weeks.  The interpretation includes a half-hour Skype session for follow-up questions.

With a natal reading, I generally look at the overall shape of the pattern and its energetic balance.  I create personalized processes for balancing, and give suggested courses of action to shore up the pressure points in the natal chart, including where and how to take action.

I also do synastry, or comparison of the dynamics between individuals, how they are likely to get along and in what ways.  This can relate to any interaction, though it is often used for romantic relationships.  Synastry comparisons can be done for individuals and organizations, cities, or any entity that has a firm time and place of origin.

To order a reading, please include:

  1. Name of the person, and their relationship to you.
  2. Birth time.  Many countries show the birth time on the birth certificate.

    Note: If you are not sure of the time, i.e, do not see the time in writing, please note that it is an estimate or recollection, and I will adjust.  Inaccurate data can produce a highly inaccurate result.  Unconfirmed data gets handled differently.

  3.  Birth location.  I need the city or general area.
  4. Any specific questions or areas of concern.
  5. Where to send the report.

Click below to order a natal report for $250.

Readings are generally delivered within 48 hours, usually within 24. However we can’t guarantee immediate availability. Thanks for your understanding.

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