Author: Jared

13 Jun

The khipu code: the knotty mystery of the Inkas’ 3D records

The Inka Empire (1400-1532 CE) is one of few ancient civilisations that speaks to us in multiple dimensions. Instead of words or pictograms, the Inkas used khipus – knotted string devices – to communicate extraordinarily complex mathematical and narrative information. But, after more than a century of study, we remain unable to fully crack the code of the khipus. The challenge rests not in a lack of artifacts – over 1,000 khipus are known to us today – but in their variety and complexity. We confront tens of thousands of knots tied by different people, for different purposes and in different regions of the empire. Cracking the code amounts to finding a pattern in history’s knotted haystack.

27 Jun


Q: The Kipu said as I put myself in someone’s shoes and empathize with him, I will feel the connection to him more. My question is how I will experience the connection? Through imagination/inspiration? Through dreams? Through mental images?

Kipu: As you expand your empathy in general, you experience more communication on more levels. You are literally better able to relate to others in an overall way.

This is the same idea as copying sacred texts to retrace the mental steps of the teacher. You may take the knowledge that you are in communication, that you are making such connections, and play with it. You can best identify your own internal communications. Follow the feelings of excitement and curiosity about others. That is how such connections are found.