Can You Give Some Career Advice?

4 Jan

Can You Give Some Career Advice?


Q:        I’m trying to get some direction in my life, specifically career or vocation.  Thank you.

Kipu:   Yes.  We thank you for the question regarding your career or your vocation.  And we realize that you have asked this question meaning in terms of a job or an exchange for money specifically.  We would assert to you that you have in fact asked the question that you truly wanted to answer, which is not so much about money, though you believe that it is, we suspect, based on the subharmonics in your voice.

And we would say that vocation itself, the word “vocation” begins with V-O-C, just as vocal, vocalization.  And we would suggest that this root is no accident, that you may begin to think of a vocation not as a thing you do for money, but as a way that you express your higher truth, a way that you verbalize, with your life, the Creation of your own truth and your own expression.

We are aware that there can be a discrepancy between that which you would like to do and that which you believe is practically feasible for you to do.  And this is a large question which many people deal with.  We would suggest to you that so many teachers in the past have not all been incorrect on the same point when they have said to follow your bliss.  This is in fact another way of saying, “pursue your vocation.”

And so we would assert for you that you may begin to allow your vocation to arise, like the planting of a seed.  The New Year is a very auspicious time to begin such things – the New Year, the new moon, anytime you feel very much like having a new beginning.  You may choose any such moment to create a new beginning.

We would suggest to you that you allow your vocation to begin to arise, not in your logical head, but in your knowing heart, and allow your vocation to reveal itself to you as you continue to pursue your job.  You may begin to view the two things as entirely separate.  And eventually if you remove the pressure, if you remove the barriers and the distinctions, you may come to discover that your true vocation will support the lifestyle that is right for you, that fits you.  That is a natural and automatic by-product of expressing your own higher truth, is that higher level of order within the life that is created in this fashion.

Now, we do not intend to be evasive with your question.  We are simply pointing out that there is no higher authority on your truth than yourself.  And thus we can offer you no specific direction or pointer, other than inside.  You must look into your own heart, and ask yourself how you would prefer to spend each moment of your human life.  What would you like to say?  On your final day, what would you like to be remembered for?  And then pursue those things as your vocation.

And begin very small.  And allow it to have no pressure whatsoever, no need for this vocation to support you materially.  And as you allow this to grow and blossom alongside the job, the job may begin to seem less necessary.  The rigidity with which you seem to feel confined to your situation or circumstance will fall away naturally, on its own, as you find your own balance, your own stability, and your own point of center within your own vocation.


We hope that this has answered your question to your satisfaction.  Again, we do not wish to be evasive.  However, you are the world’s foremost authority on your own happiness, and thus your own vocation.  And we would remind you that there is no correct answer.  It is not a multiple choice where you will choose doctor or lawyer or candlestick maker.  But it is a fluid work in progress, just as you are, and just as your consciousness is.

And thus rather than choosing a vocation with your head and applying everything else behind it, we are suggesting that you allow space for that very small voice that knows your satisfaction, that knows your heart’s desire, to begin speaking.  And it is in the practice of hearing and learning to hear that small voice that knows your true vocation, that is where you will find the answers to all of your questions.  Because the answers are always within you.

We know that you are certainly an intelligent and capable enough woman to apply yourself in any chosen direction.  However, if such ventures have not so far yielded satisfactory results for you, then we suggest that perhaps this alternative method, where you allow life to cater to your feelings and needs rather than attempting to craft or create a life that would permit for your needs.  It is something akin to allowing something to grow around you, rather than fitting yourself in.

And again, we thank you for this question, and we hope that you may find our answer useful.  And we wish you all the best in utilizing this auspicious New Year energy to take yourself in new and wonderful directions.


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