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9 Jan

Career or Vocation Question Part 2


See Part 1 here.

Q:     Hi, I’m going to read a statement that I wrote in response to my question about vocation. Thank you very much. I am humbled to have a response to my question. However, I am also very sad, as this tells me nothing. I’ve got a knack of, whenever I speak, just enraging people. It simply seems to be a native talent I have. It would be one thing to be able to mouth off on whatever my opinions are. But I don’t have money, or power, or prestige, or a lot of friends and family who’ve got my back. I am a completely powerless nobody, just another mouthy woman who needs to be put in her place.

So the idea of speaking is actually anathema to me. Unless I win the lottery, or marry money, or get a lucrative job – which was kind of the idea behind the whole question – I need to figure out what to do to get some money in a way that won’t kill my soul. And speaking in some way, I just don’t know. I just don’t see a way there, or where to start. I’m sorry. I wish I could be more enthusiastic. I’m just very unhappy about things, and my prospects right now. Thank you very much for listening and considering.

Kipu:    Yes. And we would thank you for opening this dialogue, and for sharing your concerns with us at this time. We would note that your question, as stated, contains multiple questions. And you have in fact answered your own question, however in the reverse order of the asking.

As we have heard you speak, we have heard your desire for connection, for some connectivity, for some acceptance from other beings who are willing to validate you within your position and within your own viewpoint. And while we would certainly disagree with your characterization of yourself as someone who is in need of being “put into her place,” or a nothing, nobody, well, we would certainly disagree with all of that, and with the idea of humbling oneself to speak with us, which we found very amusing, honestly.

We would wish to impress upon you, firstly, that you have already entered into – fully within your means, with no need for winning the lottery – such a conversation. And that is where you are now, with us. You have found a group of listeners who are open to your communication, and who are unwilling to respond to you with rage, and who are unwilling to reflect back to you the rage which you heap upon yourself with your words and thoughts.

We would note that many of us among what we call the Kipu are rogues and scoundrels. Many of us are scholars. We are all different types. And thus you are among friends, and among a number of friends that you cannot probably estimate.

For just as the channel is one cog on a wheel, a larger soul complex which contains many, many, vast number of different unique individuals from Earth and from other places, from many different times and spaces, so are you. This is not in any way a unique characteristic of the channel.

You are also a multidimensional being, connected on many levels to many others. And on the most mundane and practical level, you have connected here with us in this conversation. And thus it is good to begin at the beginning, yes?

Now, with respect to the beginning part of the conversation, we would note that there are many on your planet who make their living – and make quite a decent living, and have quite larger followings on your social media – running their mouths and speaking their hatred, and saying whatever horrible things come to their minds. However, I do not note any of them doing so without reflection, very negative reflections coming back towards them. For there is always the equal and opposite reaction, and this is on every level – energetic, physical, material.

And thus we would suggest to you that you select your companions and those among whom you communicate more carefully, and begin there. And as you begin opening up to your own voice, and to the supportive voices of others like ourselves, then you may find more and more opportunities to express your vocation. Thus we are asking you to, again, redefine your concept of vocation and career. It is certainly possible to create a career in which you say everything that comes to your mind. We could name names. The channel could certainly provide you with a list from the top of her head.

However, we sense that this is not really what you are asking. What you are really asking is how to find your communication, how to find your basis of support among people on the Earth. And you must find that first within yourself. You must first yourself be willing to establish loving communication, in which you are not degraded or belittled in any way, in which the things that you have to say are certainly valued. And you may find other people reflecting that idea back to you. However, others will not value your input any more than you have.

And thus we thank you for having taken the initial steps by sharing your voice with us, and we would place the ball squarely back in your court for further input about your voice. We, again, do not intend to be evasive. We believe that eventually you may find other ideas about generating money and how you spend your time and effort. As you begin to take a smaller approach, a more immediate, step-by-step, thought-by-thought sort of “weeding of the garden,” you may find suddenly your whole life feels a lot sunnier, yes?

And thus in our 100 percent acceptance of you, and our eagerness to hear the things that you have to say, we invite you now to say whatever it is that you would like to say, whatever it is that you feel you have not been able to communicate to others and be accepted. And we thank you again for your sharing.



4 Jan

Can You Give Some Career Advice?


Q:        I’m trying to get some direction in my life, specifically career or vocation.  Thank you.

Kipu:   Yes.  We thank you for the question regarding your career or your vocation.  And we realize that you have asked this question meaning in terms of a job or an exchange for money specifically.  We would assert to you that you have in fact asked the question that you truly wanted to answer, which is not so much about money, though you believe that it is, we suspect, based on the subharmonics in your voice.

And we would say that vocation itself, the word “vocation” begins with V-O-C, just as vocal, vocalization.  And we would suggest that this root is no accident, that you may begin to think of a vocation not as a thing you do for money, but as a way that you express your higher truth, a way that you verbalize, with your life, the Creation of your own truth and your own expression.

We are aware that there can be a discrepancy between that which you would like to do and that which you believe is practically feasible for you to do.  And this is a large question which many people deal with.  We would suggest to you that so many teachers in the past have not all been incorrect on the same point when they have said to follow your bliss.  This is in fact another way of saying, “pursue your vocation.”

And so we would assert for you that you may begin to allow your vocation to arise, like the planting of a seed.  The New Year is a very auspicious time to begin such things – the New Year, the new moon, anytime you feel very much like having a new beginning.  You may choose any such moment to create a new beginning.

We would suggest to you that you allow your vocation to begin to arise, not in your logical head, but in your knowing heart, and allow your vocation to reveal itself to you as you continue to pursue your job.  You may begin to view the two things as entirely separate.  And eventually if you remove the pressure, if you remove the barriers and the distinctions, you may come to discover that your true vocation will support the lifestyle that is right for you, that fits you.  That is a natural and automatic by-product of expressing your own higher truth, is that higher level of order within the life that is created in this fashion.

Now, we do not intend to be evasive with your question.  We are simply pointing out that there is no higher authority on your truth than yourself.  And thus we can offer you no specific direction or pointer, other than inside.  You must look into your own heart, and ask yourself how you would prefer to spend each moment of your human life.  What would you like to say?  On your final day, what would you like to be remembered for?  And then pursue those things as your vocation.

And begin very small.  And allow it to have no pressure whatsoever, no need for this vocation to support you materially.  And as you allow this to grow and blossom alongside the job, the job may begin to seem less necessary.  The rigidity with which you seem to feel confined to your situation or circumstance will fall away naturally, on its own, as you find your own balance, your own stability, and your own point of center within your own vocation.


We hope that this has answered your question to your satisfaction.  Again, we do not wish to be evasive.  However, you are the world’s foremost authority on your own happiness, and thus your own vocation.  And we would remind you that there is no correct answer.  It is not a multiple choice where you will choose doctor or lawyer or candlestick maker.  But it is a fluid work in progress, just as you are, and just as your consciousness is.

And thus rather than choosing a vocation with your head and applying everything else behind it, we are suggesting that you allow space for that very small voice that knows your satisfaction, that knows your heart’s desire, to begin speaking.  And it is in the practice of hearing and learning to hear that small voice that knows your true vocation, that is where you will find the answers to all of your questions.  Because the answers are always within you.

We know that you are certainly an intelligent and capable enough woman to apply yourself in any chosen direction.  However, if such ventures have not so far yielded satisfactory results for you, then we suggest that perhaps this alternative method, where you allow life to cater to your feelings and needs rather than attempting to craft or create a life that would permit for your needs.  It is something akin to allowing something to grow around you, rather than fitting yourself in.

And again, we thank you for this question, and we hope that you may find our answer useful.  And we wish you all the best in utilizing this auspicious New Year energy to take yourself in new and wonderful directions.


29 Sep

Should we Skip Suffering and Miss the Lessons?

Q:        We look at it in our society as, “How can we cure cancer?”  But I’m wondering if we’d even want to cure it?  Because then we’d lose out on the lessons that it teaches us.

Kipu:   We would recommend that the search for the highest and best possible health, and the full-steam charging in that direction is always recommended.  The fact that you have gone to the extreme time and trouble to manifest a physical expression, and to sustain it on a daily basis, when you consider the number of animals which are killed to further your physical existence it becomes a sort of obligation to hold one’s body as one’s temple and do the best one can to live a healthy, productive, and joyous life.  We would say this is what God wants from us.  Therefore fight for the health of your body.  Fight for the health of your life.  Fight for that which you love.

Q:        So if the cause is energetic, then if we achieve energetic balance then we’d be less likely to get cancer?

Kipu:   It is possible to shift yourself into different versions of your own life, different parallel reality versions of yourself  as each sentient being does continually, we shift through various parallel reality versions of ourselves.

This mechanism is displayed in the Hindu and Hare Krishna artwork in which we see the face of one deity, with many thousand or hundreds of faces extending in each direction, yes?  And each of the faces is slightly distinct.  This is a way of demonstrating that point of consciousness, which is known as the now, is the face that we see in that center point.  And the other faces to each side are the available shifts from that particular point.  These are the options to which the very next shifts may come, based on proximity of the energetic resonance.  Does that make sense?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   And thus you may be able to shift to an entirely different version of yourself which does not have cancer.  However, this is an enormous shift.  And some people have done it.  However, there is all of that work to be done in the middle.  To make such a shift is no small feat.  Many people must experience the physical death in order to fully process the ideas and the learning that was required of this.

It is also to be remembered and understood that in having the disease known as cancer, or the condition known as cancer, the individuals experiencing this physical poor health are providing many opportunities for many other people to be supportive or not, to learn new things about medicine or not, to process many spiritual and emotional questions, just as you are, you see?  They serve many valuable roles and functions within the community overall, just as each of us does when we have our own “crosses to bear.”

Q:        That makes sense.


25 Sep

The Causes of Cancer

Q:        I have a distant relative who just had cancer reappear.  She already had cancer before, and it came back.  My question generally about cancer, is the cause of if physical or emotional?

Kipu:   All physical expression is a reflection of energetic patterns.  That is not to say necessarily emotional, that is to say energetic.  So as an individual incarnates into a specific life, the body, the parents, the location, the exact time of day, all of these things are chosen quite specifically.  As we have said and others have said many millions of times, nothing happens by accident.  Everythign is part of a choreography.  There is certainly a way that things are.  All things exist here.  All things exist now.  And thus there is no randomization whatsoever.  There is only the choice of moving through one experience after another as we see fit, yes?

Q:        Right.

Kipu:   Thus an individual who chooses a body which may develop any sort of illness or issue such as cancer, or for that matter spina bifida, any sort of a physical manifestation which presents an automatic and distinct personal and existential challenge for the individual contains all of the learning curve as a human being that could possibly be required by that individual.

In some cases where an individual manifests and illness which will end up terminating the life, without any opportunity for the individual to alter that outcome within the current technology of their society, this may be seen as an individual working within themselves to examine issues of control of the conscious mind, of the physical experience versus the acceptance of the higher mind as the constant driver of the life.

This is one of many reasons why someone may develop cancer.  This is by no means to say that this is a blaming of the individual, or that they caused their own problems to any degree more than anyone else does.  There can be a certain misunderstanding within your society that those who manifest poverty, or illness, or disaster, etc., have manifested this due to a lack of worth on their own part.  This is a consistent toxicity within the Protestant work ethic.  In our assessment this is not a healthy or a viable viewpoint to hold.  And it is certainly not applicable to cancer.  It is not a punishment.


18 Sep

Jesus in North America

With respect to the individual named Joseph Smith, we are grateful that you have approached these important subjects at this time.  We sense that many, many beings within the soul family described as Mormons are, at this time, very aware of the world changes, and are seeking their own best possible expression of their Christianity.  These major changes are felt by those who prefer to shift to the higher forms that are currently being created by the mass consciousness.

The specific information regarding Jesus traveling on a ship to North America was, again, an attempt to materialize or literalize that which was metaphorical.  We have stated, and we state again now, we do not recommend taking that which is metaphorical literally.  We do recommend taking that which is literal metaphorically, as we saw in the example of your vision of the gift of a mushroom.  And as you begin to play with the literal things that appear in your mind, and perceive the metaphorical realities of same, you may discover more and more of your own internal process, of which you had little awareness.

In relation to Smith, as Smith perceived Jesus on the North American continent, this was a literalization of a metaphorical concept.  The idea for Smith to incorporate was multifold, multifaceted.  One of the ideas was for Smith to understand that the Christ is not a far-flung, ancient concept, happening in a language we cannot understand.  This is an inappropriate literalization of the metaphorical and energetic information.

The image of the Christ appearing on the North American continent, and the phrase Latter-Day Saints, were suggestions to Smith to notice that the Christ seed was present right where he stood, in the faces of every individual that he saw on the North American continent.

Smith was allowed to see that he need not be confined by teachings and messages which were true and appropriate for the individual when they were given, and which no longer applied to himself.  Smith was allowed to perceive that the Christ seed which exists in every individual may speak very clearly through them, as they wish.

The understanding of the Christ appearing literally on the North American continent was a metaphorical suggestion for Smith to recognize that the Native Americans were also Christed.  The idea was that one may be fully Christed, may have fully activated their Christ seed, and yet have no awareness of the individual named Christ nor any of the contexts that flowed from him.

Thus the gift that Smith was given, and other versions of Smith did accept, was that there is much more to Christ than what is known.  If we limit our understanding of Christ to that which is written in ancient books, we close the door to the experience of Christ which is alive and ongoing in every moment.  If we may learn to recognize the Christ vibration, and release from it the strictures of our own conscious minds, our own expectations, our own historical concepts and understandings, we may begin to see the connections and the web of consciousness that creates the Christ vibration.

And as you play with these vibrations, and as you play with these concepts, and as you practice tuning into the Christ seed within yourself and relating to the Christ seed within Joseph Smith, you may forge an entirely path between yourselves.  As you experience the Christ seed of Joseph Smith without judging the foibles of the man, you may find both of yourselves becoming liberated from the fossilization of negativity which has been part and parcel of human society for so long.  You may experience Smith in his own context, just as higher versions of Smith experienced the Native Americans within their own context, and were greatly enriched by this enhanced and expanded understanding of the Christ vibration.


15 Sep

How Can We Have a Violence-Free Earth?

Q:        What can we do to have a violence-free Earth?

Kipu:   Maintain a violence-free consciousness within yourself, and know that the definition of violence on your planet has been grossly limited.

Q:        What do you mean?

Kipu:   You may refine your understanding of violence by refining what it means to be violent within your own consciousness.  What does it mean to be violent?

Q:        To attack somebody else.

Kipu:   What does it mean to attack?

Q:        If you physically hit someone, that’s violence.

Kipu:   And so, you will be happy with a form of Earth upon which no one hits another?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   And what if someone does not hit another, but frightens them deliberately, just for sport?  Is that violence?

Q:        Could be considered, yes.

Kipu:   Are there other things which could also constitute violence?

Q:        Yes.  Stealing, raping, causing someone to go hungry, all of the negativity.

Kipu:   All of those things may be seen as issues of integrity, yes?  Integrity is the manna which is highly recommended for all incarnated beings at this time.  Know that there is no “out there” out there.  All people and circumstances within your life experience — including violence and love — are merely reflections of energetic patterns found within your own energy field.  The less you resonate with angry ideas, the less violence you will experience.  It is about integrity and integration, rather than divestment from the shadow self.

We have found in our collective experience that integrity is the dues that we pay to belong to this particular club we are calling Kipu.  And thus higher degrees of integrity provide greater opportunity within the collective.  One is better able to show up within the group, distinguish themselves, you could say.  Is this understood?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   And thus you may look at integrity in terms of structural integrity of the overall consciousness, similar to the structural integrity of a bridge or a building.  Just as you would not drive a truck over a bridge wherein the structural integrity was in doubt, similarly we can move little energy across a too-narrow consciousness bridge.  Angry thoughts narrow one’s consciousness bridge.

Many beings will prefer to live their lives as a bridge between the above and below, between the divine and the physical.   As you asked about the life review, this is, again, the same question.  The process of completing the energetic digestion, the metabolism of consciousness through incarnated life, begins with the beginning of the life.  Thus you maintain integrity by integrating as you go.  The less violence or negativity you consume in the lifespan, the less there is to be digested.

Negativity, or as you are calling it, violence, is simply the dis-integration of personal energy, the desire to disavow or disown negativity within the overall core consciousness which has spawned each individual.


11 Sep

Gaining Grace Through Eating

Q:        What practice should we consume animals with?  Just a practice of thanks and a recognition of the life force transfer?

Kipu:   Yes.  We will approach the answer from the other side.  You may begin with the practice which the channel may describe to you, which she does within her own process of saying grace.  The overall thing to understand is the same utopia that Joseph Smith wished to create was a metaphorical one.  And you may always take literal things metaphorically.

And thus as you intend to that the sharpening of your pencil, the focusing and the continuance of your own life experience is thus furthered by the sacrifice of the animals.  As you create the utopia you thus bring them with you.  As you drink a glass of cow’s milk, know that you have consumed the flesh of hundreds, or possibly thousands of different sentient beings.

And thus as you prepare to consume any food, you may pause to reflect in gratitude for the food that you are eating, for the place where you are eating it, for the money with which it was purchased, for the myriad of human beings whose effort has gone into presenting that food to you at that time, and with the gratitude and awareness to all sentient beings whose flesh is consumed within that meal, or whose flesh has ever been contacted by you in any way, may they all instantly be released from all suffering and find only happiness as a result of your eating of the meal.  May all sentient beings instantly be released, by the nurturance of your body, from all suffering.

And then eat.  And thus as the parallel realities continue to shift and separate, the more negatively oriented ones where the Earth destruction continues will have less and less animal life as part and parcel of that experience, yes?  And you may almost think of it as that we are almost about to run out of factory chicken, because the direction that we are headed in will be entirely different in terms of the members of this consortium.  We do not have anyone working among us at this time who will be gravitating to those negative directions directly within this timeframe, within this current modern timeframe.  We do have others from within Grey civilization and others who have been post-apocalypse, you could say.  As we have said, both rogues and angels.

8 Sep

How old are the pyramids?

Q:       When was the pyramid at Giza built?  What year?

Kipu:   What is the need for the year?

Q:        Personal curiosity.  I think it’s older than 5,000 BC, but yet we have no records from that time.  So I’m just trying to understand that.

Kipu:   You may use your personal curiosity as an indicator or a signpost of the beginning of the breadcrumb trail to the individual Kipu pertaining to yourself, your own personal parallel incarnations, many of which are within the collective known as Kipu.  You may begin to follow such “curiosity” as hints of pathways to other versions of yourself which contain other information which can answer questions you have not thought to ask.  Thus you need not seek from some “outside source” literal and specific information such as years and answers about the process of humanity rediscovering itself.  You may take such ideas more metaphorically as something like a lightning bug.  Are you familiar with these?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   You may take such passion, curiosity, as a sort of lightning bug lighting up a certain avenue of personal exploration, which must go inward and not outward.

Q:        Am I meant to know the specific year something like that was built eventually?  Or is that curiosity just there to light a certain path?

Kipu:   To light the certain path.  It will cause you to motivate to seek the incarnation for yourself.  Because the specific year of construction is only important within a context which you currently cannot imagine.  It does not affect, as you say, the price of chicken.  Thus such imaginings and curiosities arise within the consciousness as a result of the repeated intent and desire to glean such information from the individuals who directly experienced certain events and circumstances which are relevant to you in ways you currently do not suspect.

Q:        When I’m looking at the Wikipedia article of the pyramid, it says it was constructed starting in 2,580 BC.  I just feel like that’s wrong.  I’m just looking for an indication that the timelines that we have around such things may not be correct.

Kipu:   The scientific timelines of what is known regarding the kingship and the chronological history of the specific pyramids at Giza is accurate.

The information regarding the construction, meaning, and nature of the Sphinx is a mystery to be unraveled, unwrapped, opened up, discovered, and marveled at by the human beings within the ascension for whom this particular explosion of joy is relevant.

6 Sep

Remote Viewing

Q:        My other question was how you, the Kipu, perceive physical beings.  Do you perceive our energy, or do you see a picture of us?  How does that work from your perspective?

Kipu:   We perceive something akin to a multilayered Venn diagram, within which there are areas of specific focus.  This is a constantly moving concept, similar to single-celled organisms splitting, moving, merging, joining, constantly within a pond.  And thus we connect with whichever portion of you, at any given time, is available to be connected with, is at the same vibrational quality, is within the same range as our own at any given time, which is in continual flux on all sides, yes?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   Is this making sense so far?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   Thus there may be a tiny fraction of one individual available to be connected with by the Kipu at any given time, or any individual at any given time, based on what each individual makes available, and which other individuals are available for what.  Is this clear?

Q:        Specifically, if I hold up fingers can you tell me how many fingers I have held up right now?  Is it that specific?  Or is it more emotional?

Kipu:   It is more emotional.  In order for the finger experiment that you are talking about, this is possible for the channel to do.  However, she is not at that point yet.  There will be a time when you will be able to do that with her.  However, that is between you and her, not necessarily involving us other than the fact that we are assisting her in fully establishing her third eye connection in this way.

Q:        I understand.  And once she has that connection she’ll be able to perceive more of all that is, and then perceive how many fingers I would have held up, is that correct?

Kipu:   She will be perceiving, in a certain sense, less of all that is in order to do that.

Q:        Focusing on that?

Kipu:   Yes, narrowing her focus down in that particular way.  Whereas while she is connecting from this side, the non‑physical side, she is experiencing only the most open parts of yourself.  When she is looking, remote viewing your hands, she is using a very specific portion of her frontal lobe.

4 Sep

The Meaning of the Sphinx

Q:        Speaking of the Native Americans, I want to share something.  Near my home town in Huber City, Utah, there is a mountain called Mount Timpanogos.  And from my perspective, on my side of the mountain, on the left-hand side there is what looks like an outline of a woman lying down.  And it made me think about the Sphinx.  You said the Sphinx was a physicalization of a collective of beings.  I’m probably messing that up.  But I wanted to ask if the Mount Timpanogos structure, the way it was designed, does that represent anything?  What can you say more about that?

Kipu:   We may say that there are two entirely different things at work.  The Sphinx was a physicalization in terms of inspiration that was required, the amount of consortium input that had to be physicalized by human beings to make that happen was enormous.  Understood?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   The Sphinx is only a physicalization in that sense.  There was no incarnation per se in that way.  It was literally a monument created by an enormous group.  The amount of consortium-level energy that had to be filtered down appropriately through living channels at the timeframe was extraordinary, phenomenal.  As above, so below.  That was a manifestation of an energetic creation.  You may think of it as a channeling.  It is a channeled expression of an artwork that exists on an energetic level, and serves an entirely different resonance function within its working group.  And that is all the hints you will get about that for today.