Gaining Grace Through Eating

11 Sep

Gaining Grace Through Eating

Q:        What practice should we consume animals with?  Just a practice of thanks and a recognition of the life force transfer?

Kipu:   Yes.  We will approach the answer from the other side.  You may begin with the practice which the channel may describe to you, which she does within her own process of saying grace.  The overall thing to understand is the same utopia that Joseph Smith wished to create was a metaphorical one.  And you may always take literal things metaphorically.

And thus as you intend to that the sharpening of your pencil, the focusing and the continuance of your own life experience is thus furthered by the sacrifice of the animals.  As you create the utopia you thus bring them with you.  As you drink a glass of cow’s milk, know that you have consumed the flesh of hundreds, or possibly thousands of different sentient beings.

And thus as you prepare to consume any food, you may pause to reflect in gratitude for the food that you are eating, for the place where you are eating it, for the money with which it was purchased, for the myriad of human beings whose effort has gone into presenting that food to you at that time, and with the gratitude and awareness to all sentient beings whose flesh is consumed within that meal, or whose flesh has ever been contacted by you in any way, may they all instantly be released from all suffering and find only happiness as a result of your eating of the meal.  May all sentient beings instantly be released, by the nurturance of your body, from all suffering.

And then eat.  And thus as the parallel realities continue to shift and separate, the more negatively oriented ones where the Earth destruction continues will have less and less animal life as part and parcel of that experience, yes?  And you may almost think of it as that we are almost about to run out of factory chicken, because the direction that we are headed in will be entirely different in terms of the members of this consortium.  We do not have anyone working among us at this time who will be gravitating to those negative directions directly within this timeframe, within this current modern timeframe.  We do have others from within Grey civilization and others who have been post-apocalypse, you could say.  As we have said, both rogues and angels.

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