How Can We Have a Violence-Free Earth?

15 Sep

How Can We Have a Violence-Free Earth?

Q:        What can we do to have a violence-free Earth?

Kipu:   Maintain a violence-free consciousness within yourself, and know that the definition of violence on your planet has been grossly limited.

Q:        What do you mean?

Kipu:   You may refine your understanding of violence by refining what it means to be violent within your own consciousness.  What does it mean to be violent?

Q:        To attack somebody else.

Kipu:   What does it mean to attack?

Q:        If you physically hit someone, that’s violence.

Kipu:   And so, you will be happy with a form of Earth upon which no one hits another?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   And what if someone does not hit another, but frightens them deliberately, just for sport?  Is that violence?

Q:        Could be considered, yes.

Kipu:   Are there other things which could also constitute violence?

Q:        Yes.  Stealing, raping, causing someone to go hungry, all of the negativity.

Kipu:   All of those things may be seen as issues of integrity, yes?  Integrity is the manna which is highly recommended for all incarnated beings at this time.  Know that there is no “out there” out there.  All people and circumstances within your life experience — including violence and love — are merely reflections of energetic patterns found within your own energy field.  The less you resonate with angry ideas, the less violence you will experience.  It is about integrity and integration, rather than divestment from the shadow self.

We have found in our collective experience that integrity is the dues that we pay to belong to this particular club we are calling Kipu.  And thus higher degrees of integrity provide greater opportunity within the collective.  One is better able to show up within the group, distinguish themselves, you could say.  Is this understood?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   And thus you may look at integrity in terms of structural integrity of the overall consciousness, similar to the structural integrity of a bridge or a building.  Just as you would not drive a truck over a bridge wherein the structural integrity was in doubt, similarly we can move little energy across a too-narrow consciousness bridge.  Angry thoughts narrow one’s consciousness bridge.

Many beings will prefer to live their lives as a bridge between the above and below, between the divine and the physical.   As you asked about the life review, this is, again, the same question.  The process of completing the energetic digestion, the metabolism of consciousness through incarnated life, begins with the beginning of the life.  Thus you maintain integrity by integrating as you go.  The less violence or negativity you consume in the lifespan, the less there is to be digested.

Negativity, or as you are calling it, violence, is simply the dis-integration of personal energy, the desire to disavow or disown negativity within the overall core consciousness which has spawned each individual.


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