How old are the pyramids?

8 Sep

How old are the pyramids?

Q:       When was the pyramid at Giza built?  What year?

Kipu:   What is the need for the year?

Q:        Personal curiosity.  I think it’s older than 5,000 BC, but yet we have no records from that time.  So I’m just trying to understand that.

Kipu:   You may use your personal curiosity as an indicator or a signpost of the beginning of the breadcrumb trail to the individual Kipu pertaining to yourself, your own personal parallel incarnations, many of which are within the collective known as Kipu.  You may begin to follow such “curiosity” as hints of pathways to other versions of yourself which contain other information which can answer questions you have not thought to ask.  Thus you need not seek from some “outside source” literal and specific information such as years and answers about the process of humanity rediscovering itself.  You may take such ideas more metaphorically as something like a lightning bug.  Are you familiar with these?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   You may take such passion, curiosity, as a sort of lightning bug lighting up a certain avenue of personal exploration, which must go inward and not outward.

Q:        Am I meant to know the specific year something like that was built eventually?  Or is that curiosity just there to light a certain path?

Kipu:   To light the certain path.  It will cause you to motivate to seek the incarnation for yourself.  Because the specific year of construction is only important within a context which you currently cannot imagine.  It does not affect, as you say, the price of chicken.  Thus such imaginings and curiosities arise within the consciousness as a result of the repeated intent and desire to glean such information from the individuals who directly experienced certain events and circumstances which are relevant to you in ways you currently do not suspect.

Q:        When I’m looking at the Wikipedia article of the pyramid, it says it was constructed starting in 2,580 BC.  I just feel like that’s wrong.  I’m just looking for an indication that the timelines that we have around such things may not be correct.

Kipu:   The scientific timelines of what is known regarding the kingship and the chronological history of the specific pyramids at Giza is accurate.

The information regarding the construction, meaning, and nature of the Sphinx is a mystery to be unraveled, unwrapped, opened up, discovered, and marveled at by the human beings within the ascension for whom this particular explosion of joy is relevant.

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