Jesus in North America

18 Sep

Jesus in North America

With respect to the individual named Joseph Smith, we are grateful that you have approached these important subjects at this time.  We sense that many, many beings within the soul family described as Mormons are, at this time, very aware of the world changes, and are seeking their own best possible expression of their Christianity.  These major changes are felt by those who prefer to shift to the higher forms that are currently being created by the mass consciousness.

The specific information regarding Jesus traveling on a ship to North America was, again, an attempt to materialize or literalize that which was metaphorical.  We have stated, and we state again now, we do not recommend taking that which is metaphorical literally.  We do recommend taking that which is literal metaphorically, as we saw in the example of your vision of the gift of a mushroom.  And as you begin to play with the literal things that appear in your mind, and perceive the metaphorical realities of same, you may discover more and more of your own internal process, of which you had little awareness.

In relation to Smith, as Smith perceived Jesus on the North American continent, this was a literalization of a metaphorical concept.  The idea for Smith to incorporate was multifold, multifaceted.  One of the ideas was for Smith to understand that the Christ is not a far-flung, ancient concept, happening in a language we cannot understand.  This is an inappropriate literalization of the metaphorical and energetic information.

The image of the Christ appearing on the North American continent, and the phrase Latter-Day Saints, were suggestions to Smith to notice that the Christ seed was present right where he stood, in the faces of every individual that he saw on the North American continent.

Smith was allowed to see that he need not be confined by teachings and messages which were true and appropriate for the individual when they were given, and which no longer applied to himself.  Smith was allowed to perceive that the Christ seed which exists in every individual may speak very clearly through them, as they wish.

The understanding of the Christ appearing literally on the North American continent was a metaphorical suggestion for Smith to recognize that the Native Americans were also Christed.  The idea was that one may be fully Christed, may have fully activated their Christ seed, and yet have no awareness of the individual named Christ nor any of the contexts that flowed from him.

Thus the gift that Smith was given, and other versions of Smith did accept, was that there is much more to Christ than what is known.  If we limit our understanding of Christ to that which is written in ancient books, we close the door to the experience of Christ which is alive and ongoing in every moment.  If we may learn to recognize the Christ vibration, and release from it the strictures of our own conscious minds, our own expectations, our own historical concepts and understandings, we may begin to see the connections and the web of consciousness that creates the Christ vibration.

And as you play with these vibrations, and as you play with these concepts, and as you practice tuning into the Christ seed within yourself and relating to the Christ seed within Joseph Smith, you may forge an entirely path between yourselves.  As you experience the Christ seed of Joseph Smith without judging the foibles of the man, you may find both of yourselves becoming liberated from the fossilization of negativity which has been part and parcel of human society for so long.  You may experience Smith in his own context, just as higher versions of Smith experienced the Native Americans within their own context, and were greatly enriched by this enhanced and expanded understanding of the Christ vibration.


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