We will suggest for you that channeling is not nearly so rare as you suspect, that all across this planet there are those who pray without ceasing every moment. Any and every moment you choose to pray without ceasing, you are automatically engaged in that consortium, the consortium that does that.
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4 Sep

The Meaning of the Sphinx

Q:        Speaking of the Native Americans, I want to share something.  Near my home town in Huber City, Utah, there is a mountain called Mount Timpanogos.  And from my perspective, on my side of the mountain, on the left-hand side there is what looks like an outline of a woman lying down.  And it made me think about the Sphinx.  You said the Sphinx was a physicalization of a collective of beings.  I’m probably messing that up.  But I wanted to ask if the Mount Timpanogos structure, the way it was designed, does that represent anything?  What can you say more about that?

Kipu:   We may say that there are two entirely different things at work.  The Sphinx was a physicalization in terms of inspiration that was required, the amount of consortium input that had to be physicalized by human beings to make that happen was enormous.  Understood?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   The Sphinx is only a physicalization in that sense.  There was no incarnation per se in that way.  It was literally a monument created by an enormous group.  The amount of consortium-level energy that had to be filtered down appropriately through living channels at the timeframe was extraordinary, phenomenal.  As above, so below.  That was a manifestation of an energetic creation.  You may think of it as a channeling.  It is a channeled expression of an artwork that exists on an energetic level, and serves an entirely different resonance function within its working group.  And that is all the hints you will get about that for today.


1 Sep

How to Know What is Relevant

Q:        How do we understand what’s relevant for us?

Kipu:   You are approaching the question backwards.  You may assess what appears in your life, and know that it is relevant.

Q:        I see.  So understand that everything in my life has a purpose, it’s relevant for me to learn something and experience something?

Kipu:   Absolutely.

Q:        Something that I planned before I came to Earth?

Kipu:   Yes.  No one ever leaves the multitude of consortiums to which they belong, ever.  Your connections will change as your consciousness continues to move. But no one is ever completely separate from all others, even in hell.


30 Aug

What About Negative Governments?

Q:        What can we do to have peace on Earth?  For example, there’s a negative government, maybe in the Middle East.  The United States goes to war with them, and that causes the Middle East to hate the United States —

Kipu:   Yes, yes, yes.  The idea here is, again, the false externalization of others.  There is no negative government over there.  There are many negatively oriented beings all throughout the Earth.  They are liberally sprinkled and peppered throughout the overall population.  They have among themselves an extraordinarily negative soul family, you could say.  There are obviously multiple consortiums and soul families among the negatively oriented beings upon the planet at this time.  Does that make sense?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   Just as the Kipu are composed of many positively oriented beings who are on the path of exploring the more positive sides of these themes and ideas, so there are other consortiums who are of a negative focus and orientation.  It is to be understood that this is fully within their right.  These are fully valid choices that they make.  Each one gets to decide what meal they will make of the life experience, and what their process will be upon completion of the individuated life, yes?  And thus many beings have chosen to eat a meal composed of, for example, ground glass, and cigarette butts, and many other things which we would not recommend calling a meal.  And so their process of processing this information, of digesting their consciousness experience may be less pleasant than those who, shall we say, ate salad.

Q:        So if good people want to help spread more positivity throughout the Earth, then we simply need to be the change we want to see?  We simply need to change ourselves and then the Earth will reflect that change?

Kipu:   As has been explained to you by other teachers, the world that you experience, the environment that you experience, the circumstances and all of the people within that environment, are simply projections of your own consciousness.  Your external state is a mirror of your internal state, similar to your holodeck, as you have seen on your Star Trek television show, yes?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   And you’re familiar with the holodeck and how it operates?

Q:        Not exactly.

Kipu:   The holodeck is a special compartment within the ship, wherein the computer creates a holographic blank space in which the individual wishing to enter that compartment may program in the experience they wish to have.  They may choose the planet.  They may choose the pursuit or activity.  They may choose other partners.  All of those things will be experienced as though they were fully real, within the holodeck.

However, nothing can actually breach the holodeck itself.  The entire time the individual is within the holodeck chamber, they are actually in full control, because they are the ones who have programmed the experience and made all the choices.  And they may feel that they are on any planet, at any time, doing anything, with anyone.  However, in actuality they are within a compartment within a larger place.

Q:        Right.  It’s a virtual reality.

Kipu:   And this is what your physical reality is, a virtual reality.  Your higher mind is the ship.  The holodeck is the physical life experience.  The individual that you think of as your individuated self is like the crew member.  The themes that you choose to work on within the life, whether you choose to have a positive or negative orientation, all of the other questions and concerns are up to personal discretion.  Those are programmed in.  And as you enter the holodeck, you may consider that the birth into the incarnation.  While you are in your incarnated self, you remain within the overall sense of your core consciousness, which contains many, myriad other beings, just as the holodeck is within the overall starship.

Q:        And it’s possible to realize that we’re in a holodeck when we’re in it?

Kipu:   This is considered lucid dreaming, yes.  Lucid dreaming would be like walking out of the holodeck, realizing that you are in the holodeck, and saying, “I would like to just walk out now, and step back in.”

Q:        So it’s possible to create anything that we want in life, by simply realizing that we’re in a holodeck and that we are the creators of our reality?

Kipu:   It is theoretically possible to shift to any parallel version of yourself that you can imagine.  Imagination and intuition, again, are the same thing.  And thus if you are able to imagine some scenario, then there is some connection to your own consciousness that permits such “imagining” to occur within your conscious mind.  However, the relevance or the amount of energy it would take you to achieve such a shift, your motivation will depend upon relevance.

28 Aug

What about the Government?

Q:        What is your take on the governments of Earth at this time?

Kipu:   All of this is in tremendous flux, as you know.  We see this as a beautiful awakening, a beautiful liberation from, as you discussed earlier, the overall overarching theme of concealment of information, consolidation of “control,” materialization and literalization of that which was always meant to be metaphorical.  All of those things are now shifting as the various parallel reality Earths begin to separate more and more.


25 Aug

The Purpose of Life

Q:        From your perspective, what is the purpose of a physical life?

Kipu:   Every physical life has as unique a purpose as it has a unique birth and death.  Every individual is entirely unique.  No two physical purposes may apply.

Q:        So how are life themes chosen?

Kipu:   Life themes are chosen by preference on a higher-mind level, in connection with the core consciousness, which is a centralization of all of the various parallel incarnations identified within that core consciousness.  The core consciousness is itself a microcosm, if you will, of God.

23 Aug

Joseph Smith and Brigham Young

Q:        While we’re on the topic of Joseph Smith, I would like to know what information he passed on to his successor, Brigham Young, as far as connecting to other dimensions or higher versions of himself.

Kipu:   We sense an entirely different quality of mentality among the two individuals, as we note an entirely different quality of personality between yourself and the channel.  And thus it is entirely difficult to say what any one may perceive from another at any given time.  Within that discrepancy of age and personal experience and other factors, there can be an extraordinary distortion.  What is said may not be what is received, like the telephone game.  Thus Smith may have spoken directly and in plain words about such things, and Young may have heard something entirely different.

21 Aug

What made people love Jesus?

Q:        What was it about Jesus that made people want to be around him and loved him so much?

Kipu:   The individual known as Jesus was a physicalization of an enormous collective of consciousness, with a very specific focus, a very specific vibrational frequency.  The physicalization, literalization, and embodiment of this individual as a male human on the planet at a particular time and place was necessary for certain energetic movements, certain passages of information on the etheric level of the planet within her own process, within her larger context, regarding humanity as it relates to the much larger context of ancient Orion, among other influences.

The collective sum total of energy identified as Jesus is vast and composed of many billions of advanced souls.  The portion of that consortium which was experienced on the Earth plane as one physical individual named Jesus was thus the tiny tip of an iceberg of divinity.  And thus all of those individuals who have parallel incarnations with the multitude of beings within the consortium known as Jesus then resonated with and were called to that vibration when it was manifested — as above, so below. This is why he is so beloved by so many.  He contains within his consortium an unimaginable number of beings working cooperatively.  Many beings know him as their core consciousness.

He manifested as a human being with an enormous amount of energy condensed into a very small physical time and space in order to inculcate a certain vibration at a certain point in human evolution.

Q:        But humans took that and created much negativity from it in the form of wars, fighting over what they thought he said.  I feel like people on Earth kind of missed the point of his visit.

Kipu:   Well, this is because you do not see it from our perspective.  From our perspective, Yeshua did not cause any of these effects.  Yeshua injected himself into the mortal, physical Earth-plane experience at a very specific time and place to alter the overall trajectory of humankind, which was on a significantly more negative trajectory than would otherwise be perceived.

Thus while you may see it as a negativity catalyst in a certain way, this is merely the abhorrence that nature holds for a vacuum.  That is to say, when a very focused, physicalized positive energy is physically manifested upon the Earth, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, yes?  These laws also apply on the energetic plane.  You may apply here what is thought of sometimes among the Kipu as energetic algebra.  Things must balance on each side of the equals sign.  In this case, the equals sign is the perceived barrier between the conscious and unconscious or higher mind.   The influx of higher energy thus dislodged a certain amount of negative energy.  Some beings chose to integrate that energy to its fullest expression, and lived exemplary Christian lives.  Others  did not integrate the negativity, and the results of that are as you described.



18 Aug

What Happens After Death?

Q:        Because we have various cultures and belief systems that there are many different, shall we say, locations or experiences within non‑physical when we die?

Kipu:   Each death experience is as unique as its corresponding birth experience.

Q:        I’ve heard about what we call a life review.  Does that happen right when we die, or is there a time in between death and the life review?

Kipu:   There is not such a rigid separation of things from our perspective, even within the actual birth and death processes.  The various gradations of energetic resonance and vibration are such that consciousness constantly shifts and moves.   And thus the specific framing of a process as life review is somewhat inaccurate from our perspective.

We view the life review as simply another portion of the entire experience, such as the digestion of a meal.  Thus at what point does digestion of a meal begin?  Well, it begins, literally, when the food is placed across the lips.  The chemicals within the saliva itself, the viscous nature of that saliva itself, begins to coat the food and break it down chemically, to assist with the stomach, and small intestine, and the large intestine, and the liver, and so forth.

And in the same way, the energy of the individuated life is digested during the life review.  However, the actual process of the digestion began with the process of experiencing the life.  The life review may thus be seen, if you will pardon our analogy, as a sort of pooping out of everything that was taken in within the individual’s life.

Q:        At that life review I understand that we see the consequences, both positive and negative, of our lives.  Is that correct?

Kipu:   You may view it as such.  It is not so much the heavy-handed sort of Santa Clause-style writing of the list of goods and bads.  It is more the analogy of the meal you have consumed, which you call your life.  Did that include any vegetables or fiber?  Did that food include a large amount of grain alcohol?  Did that food contain parts of insects?  All of these things will affect the actual process of eliminating them, or completing the process.

Q:        So it’s more of an awareness and understanding of your life?

Kipu:   It is the completion of the process, completion of the process that begins with the entry of the life.  It is exactly like the digestion of the meal of life.  We recommend chewing each bite thoroughly, and plenty of water.


16 Aug

Near Death and Shared Death Experiences

Q:        I’d like to talk about the transition that we call physical death.  What happens at physical death?

Kipu:   Well, in what way do you mean?

Q:        I mean that I’ve heard stories of people who’ve had near-death experiences and shared-death experiences.  And most of them describe a dark tunnel with a light at the end.  So what is this, exactly?

Kipu:   What is meant by “shared death experience”?

Q:        Let’s say that I have a loved one who is dying, I will actually go with that loved one into non‑physical and see what they see, and then come back.  So it’s sort of a vision or experience.

Kipu:   Ah, yes.  You have sort of walked them to the door, you could say, and watched as they entered.  This is possible when others have walked to this door themselves.  It is not possible for everyone to do, have they not crossed through certain energetic thresholds or membranes, you could say.  Once a person has had enough of an experience and personal clarity regarding their own death, through contemplation or personal circumstances, they may be able to walk directly to the threshold of the actual crossing of the consciousness from the physical focus, retreating back into the central core consciousness.

Q:        So the experience of going through a tunnel towards the light is simply a refocusing into non‑physical consciousness?

Kipu:   This is a slightly different thing than the first part of the question, or the part of the question which was asked second and answered first.

The near-death experience, as you are describing, is the retreat of the consciousness from the physical focus back to the core consciousness.  And as these energetic and vibrational shifts occur, the perception of blackness and a tunnel, the perception of motion or arriving at a light, pertains to the sudden onrush of clarity as the individuated entity rejoins its core consciousness.  Thus everything which is no longer relevant to that central core consciousness, i.e., the physical circumstances of the individual, may appear as black.  All of that is suddenly entirely irrelevant, yes?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   Something which goes black is simply no longer there.  Because the changing perspective is something of a 180‑degree flip on the part of the consciousness, where the focus may very suddenly and with a sort of whiplash motion create a sudden change in direction, which may make the contrast seem very stark to the individual.  Those who are more acclimated to accessing the higher parts of their mind are less likely to experience a lengthy tunnel or a stark black and white contrast as described.

Q:        So when we go back to non‑physical, are we met by loved ones?

Kipu:   Yes.  You are always assisted by guides.  And per your own cultural expectations, you will have the experience you expect to have.


14 Aug

The Pencil Analogy

Q:        So which consciousness controls the autonomic nervous system?  Is it the higher mind?

Kipu:   Well, the higher self has expressed the physical body as a projection of itself, as a sort of tip of a pencil that can become sharp or dulled.  Does that answer the question?

Q:        No.  I understand the physical body is an expression of the higher mind.  But what intelligence or consciousness would control heart rate or chemical processes of the physical body?

Kipu:   Well, as you imagine the metaphor of a pencil which may be sharpened, and as you write and write and write it becomes dull, you may think of the carbon as the question that you are asking.  Has it been ground down?  Has it been re‑sharpened?  Has it been used up?  This all comes from the higher mind.  How much does the higher mind project?  As you sharpen the pencil, again, then maybe the higher mind projects more of itself into the body.

Q:        Okay.  So it is the higher mind?

Kipu:   It’s always the higher mind.

Q:        So you’re saying that the higher mind controls the heart rate or the chemical process of the body in some way?

Kipu:   Always.  There is never a time when the physical body controls the higher self.  We are perhaps confused by your question.  If that’s the question, there is never a time when the physical body controls the higher self.

Q:        You said the physical mind never controls the heart rate, or usually does not.  So the physical mind doesn’t control the heart rate or the chemical processes, it’s the higher mind that does it?

Kipu:   Right.  However, as the bridge is strengthened between the physical and the higher self, more such things become possible.  It is entirely possible to lower heart rate, to lower blood pressure, to lower blood sugar.  These things happen naturally all the time.  However, they may be controlled to a great degree, much more than most people imagine, simply by allowing this, simply by allowing this connection between the physical self and the higher self.  It can be known and understood that the physical self is merely the tip of a pencil.  As the individual wishes to express more life and receive more inspiration from the higher self, it may be akin to putting a pencil into a pencil sharpener, and [grinding noise] and we retrieve a perfectly sharp, just‑like‑new pencil, yes?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   And then as we work, and as we move, the pencil tip becomes very small, very rounded, and eventually unable to continue writing, yes?  And then it is simply a negotiation.  Does this higher self wish to expend the energy to extend itself back into that sharpener again, or not?  It is not the tip’s choice whether to be sharpened or not.  It’s always the owner of the pencil.

Q:        So how do we sharpen the pencil, then?  Do we just let the physical mind get out of the way and allow what happens, to happen?

Kipu:   We are afraid you have misunderstood our metaphor.  The life will last as long as the higher self may wish.  This is always, 100 percent of the time.  There is never a time when the physical body insists on living when the higher self does not wish it to be so.  It may be that the higher self will permit for the individual to continue, but the conscious mind will not.

Physical experiences are entirely real.  The experience is real.  The reality is not real.

Q:        And that goes back to the holodeck that we spoke of last time.  The experience of a virtual reality is real.  But it’s still virtual.

Kipu:   Exactly.  Always.  This is always the case.  The life expression, the physical body itself, is nothing more than the tip of the pencil, the tip of the iceberg.  That is all.

You may use as a reference point the channel, who has chosen not to die in what is referred to as a near-death experience.  This is a classic sharpening.  The nub has been snapped off, instead of worn down, yes?  Sometimes a very new, fresh and sharp pencil may be snapped.

And in that decision to sharpen, this may be done continually throughout the life.  And it is this particular virtue which was greatly promoted by Joseph Smith, of an ongoing practice of continual sharpening, a continual renewal of one’s focus.  [Prayer without ceasing]  With the sharper tip, one may make a finer point, yes?  Joseph Smith was not the only, however he is one of the Kipu who has been invoked by yourself.