We hereby authorize you to dismiss feelings which do not suit you. However, understand that in dismissing them, you must inhabit and inherit them. You must own them fully with your breath, with your body. You must not allow them to flee into the corners of your lungs, into the crevices of your muscle tissue. If you are willing to inhabit, and inherit, and own your own emotions, and the sensations that they create within you, you will find that the negative thought processes very simply unravel on their own.
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28 Aug

What about the Government?

Q:        What is your take on the governments of Earth at this time?

Kipu:   All of this is in tremendous flux, as you know.  We see this as a beautiful awakening, a beautiful liberation from, as you discussed earlier, the overall overarching theme of concealment of information, consolidation of “control,” materialization and literalization of that which was always meant to be metaphorical.  All of those things are now shifting as the various parallel reality Earths begin to separate more and more.


25 Aug

The Purpose of Life

Q:        From your perspective, what is the purpose of a physical life?

Kipu:   Every physical life has as unique a purpose as it has a unique birth and death.  Every individual is entirely unique.  No two physical purposes may apply.

Q:        So how are life themes chosen?

Kipu:   Life themes are chosen by preference on a higher-mind level, in connection with the core consciousness, which is a centralization of all of the various parallel incarnations identified within that core consciousness.  The core consciousness is itself a microcosm, if you will, of God.

23 Aug

Joseph Smith and Brigham Young

Q:        While we’re on the topic of Joseph Smith, I would like to know what information he passed on to his successor, Brigham Young, as far as connecting to other dimensions or higher versions of himself.

Kipu:   We sense an entirely different quality of mentality among the two individuals, as we note an entirely different quality of personality between yourself and the channel.  And thus it is entirely difficult to say what any one may perceive from another at any given time.  Within that discrepancy of age and personal experience and other factors, there can be an extraordinary distortion.  What is said may not be what is received, like the telephone game.  Thus Smith may have spoken directly and in plain words about such things, and Young may have heard something entirely different.

21 Aug

What made people love Jesus?

Q:        What was it about Jesus that made people want to be around him and loved him so much?

Kipu:   The individual known as Jesus was a physicalization of an enormous collective of consciousness, with a very specific focus, a very specific vibrational frequency.  The physicalization, literalization, and embodiment of this individual as a male human on the planet at a particular time and place was necessary for certain energetic movements, certain passages of information on the etheric level of the planet within her own process, within her larger context, regarding humanity as it relates to the much larger context of ancient Orion, among other influences.

The collective sum total of energy identified as Jesus is vast and composed of many billions of advanced souls.  The portion of that consortium which was experienced on the Earth plane as one physical individual named Jesus was thus the tiny tip of an iceberg of divinity.  And thus all of those individuals who have parallel incarnations with the multitude of beings within the consortium known as Jesus then resonated with and were called to that vibration when it was manifested — as above, so below. This is why he is so beloved by so many.  He contains within his consortium an unimaginable number of beings working cooperatively.  Many beings know him as their core consciousness.

He manifested as a human being with an enormous amount of energy condensed into a very small physical time and space in order to inculcate a certain vibration at a certain point in human evolution.

Q:        But humans took that and created much negativity from it in the form of wars, fighting over what they thought he said.  I feel like people on Earth kind of missed the point of his visit.

Kipu:   Well, this is because you do not see it from our perspective.  From our perspective, Yeshua did not cause any of these effects.  Yeshua injected himself into the mortal, physical Earth-plane experience at a very specific time and place to alter the overall trajectory of humankind, which was on a significantly more negative trajectory than would otherwise be perceived.

Thus while you may see it as a negativity catalyst in a certain way, this is merely the abhorrence that nature holds for a vacuum.  That is to say, when a very focused, physicalized positive energy is physically manifested upon the Earth, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, yes?  These laws also apply on the energetic plane.  You may apply here what is thought of sometimes among the Kipu as energetic algebra.  Things must balance on each side of the equals sign.  In this case, the equals sign is the perceived barrier between the conscious and unconscious or higher mind.   The influx of higher energy thus dislodged a certain amount of negative energy.  Some beings chose to integrate that energy to its fullest expression, and lived exemplary Christian lives.  Others  did not integrate the negativity, and the results of that are as you described.



18 Aug

What Happens After Death?

Q:        Because we have various cultures and belief systems that there are many different, shall we say, locations or experiences within non‑physical when we die?

Kipu:   Each death experience is as unique as its corresponding birth experience.

Q:        I’ve heard about what we call a life review.  Does that happen right when we die, or is there a time in between death and the life review?

Kipu:   There is not such a rigid separation of things from our perspective, even within the actual birth and death processes.  The various gradations of energetic resonance and vibration are such that consciousness constantly shifts and moves.   And thus the specific framing of a process as life review is somewhat inaccurate from our perspective.

We view the life review as simply another portion of the entire experience, such as the digestion of a meal.  Thus at what point does digestion of a meal begin?  Well, it begins, literally, when the food is placed across the lips.  The chemicals within the saliva itself, the viscous nature of that saliva itself, begins to coat the food and break it down chemically, to assist with the stomach, and small intestine, and the large intestine, and the liver, and so forth.

And in the same way, the energy of the individuated life is digested during the life review.  However, the actual process of the digestion began with the process of experiencing the life.  The life review may thus be seen, if you will pardon our analogy, as a sort of pooping out of everything that was taken in within the individual’s life.

Q:        At that life review I understand that we see the consequences, both positive and negative, of our lives.  Is that correct?

Kipu:   You may view it as such.  It is not so much the heavy-handed sort of Santa Clause-style writing of the list of goods and bads.  It is more the analogy of the meal you have consumed, which you call your life.  Did that include any vegetables or fiber?  Did that food include a large amount of grain alcohol?  Did that food contain parts of insects?  All of these things will affect the actual process of eliminating them, or completing the process.

Q:        So it’s more of an awareness and understanding of your life?

Kipu:   It is the completion of the process, completion of the process that begins with the entry of the life.  It is exactly like the digestion of the meal of life.  We recommend chewing each bite thoroughly, and plenty of water.


16 Aug

Near Death and Shared Death Experiences

Q:        I’d like to talk about the transition that we call physical death.  What happens at physical death?

Kipu:   Well, in what way do you mean?

Q:        I mean that I’ve heard stories of people who’ve had near-death experiences and shared-death experiences.  And most of them describe a dark tunnel with a light at the end.  So what is this, exactly?

Kipu:   What is meant by “shared death experience”?

Q:        Let’s say that I have a loved one who is dying, I will actually go with that loved one into non‑physical and see what they see, and then come back.  So it’s sort of a vision or experience.

Kipu:   Ah, yes.  You have sort of walked them to the door, you could say, and watched as they entered.  This is possible when others have walked to this door themselves.  It is not possible for everyone to do, have they not crossed through certain energetic thresholds or membranes, you could say.  Once a person has had enough of an experience and personal clarity regarding their own death, through contemplation or personal circumstances, they may be able to walk directly to the threshold of the actual crossing of the consciousness from the physical focus, retreating back into the central core consciousness.

Q:        So the experience of going through a tunnel towards the light is simply a refocusing into non‑physical consciousness?

Kipu:   This is a slightly different thing than the first part of the question, or the part of the question which was asked second and answered first.

The near-death experience, as you are describing, is the retreat of the consciousness from the physical focus back to the core consciousness.  And as these energetic and vibrational shifts occur, the perception of blackness and a tunnel, the perception of motion or arriving at a light, pertains to the sudden onrush of clarity as the individuated entity rejoins its core consciousness.  Thus everything which is no longer relevant to that central core consciousness, i.e., the physical circumstances of the individual, may appear as black.  All of that is suddenly entirely irrelevant, yes?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   Something which goes black is simply no longer there.  Because the changing perspective is something of a 180‑degree flip on the part of the consciousness, where the focus may very suddenly and with a sort of whiplash motion create a sudden change in direction, which may make the contrast seem very stark to the individual.  Those who are more acclimated to accessing the higher parts of their mind are less likely to experience a lengthy tunnel or a stark black and white contrast as described.

Q:        So when we go back to non‑physical, are we met by loved ones?

Kipu:   Yes.  You are always assisted by guides.  And per your own cultural expectations, you will have the experience you expect to have.


14 Aug

The Pencil Analogy

Q:        So which consciousness controls the autonomic nervous system?  Is it the higher mind?

Kipu:   Well, the higher self has expressed the physical body as a projection of itself, as a sort of tip of a pencil that can become sharp or dulled.  Does that answer the question?

Q:        No.  I understand the physical body is an expression of the higher mind.  But what intelligence or consciousness would control heart rate or chemical processes of the physical body?

Kipu:   Well, as you imagine the metaphor of a pencil which may be sharpened, and as you write and write and write it becomes dull, you may think of the carbon as the question that you are asking.  Has it been ground down?  Has it been re‑sharpened?  Has it been used up?  This all comes from the higher mind.  How much does the higher mind project?  As you sharpen the pencil, again, then maybe the higher mind projects more of itself into the body.

Q:        Okay.  So it is the higher mind?

Kipu:   It’s always the higher mind.

Q:        So you’re saying that the higher mind controls the heart rate or the chemical process of the body in some way?

Kipu:   Always.  There is never a time when the physical body controls the higher self.  We are perhaps confused by your question.  If that’s the question, there is never a time when the physical body controls the higher self.

Q:        You said the physical mind never controls the heart rate, or usually does not.  So the physical mind doesn’t control the heart rate or the chemical processes, it’s the higher mind that does it?

Kipu:   Right.  However, as the bridge is strengthened between the physical and the higher self, more such things become possible.  It is entirely possible to lower heart rate, to lower blood pressure, to lower blood sugar.  These things happen naturally all the time.  However, they may be controlled to a great degree, much more than most people imagine, simply by allowing this, simply by allowing this connection between the physical self and the higher self.  It can be known and understood that the physical self is merely the tip of a pencil.  As the individual wishes to express more life and receive more inspiration from the higher self, it may be akin to putting a pencil into a pencil sharpener, and [grinding noise] and we retrieve a perfectly sharp, just‑like‑new pencil, yes?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   And then as we work, and as we move, the pencil tip becomes very small, very rounded, and eventually unable to continue writing, yes?  And then it is simply a negotiation.  Does this higher self wish to expend the energy to extend itself back into that sharpener again, or not?  It is not the tip’s choice whether to be sharpened or not.  It’s always the owner of the pencil.

Q:        So how do we sharpen the pencil, then?  Do we just let the physical mind get out of the way and allow what happens, to happen?

Kipu:   We are afraid you have misunderstood our metaphor.  The life will last as long as the higher self may wish.  This is always, 100 percent of the time.  There is never a time when the physical body insists on living when the higher self does not wish it to be so.  It may be that the higher self will permit for the individual to continue, but the conscious mind will not.

Physical experiences are entirely real.  The experience is real.  The reality is not real.

Q:        And that goes back to the holodeck that we spoke of last time.  The experience of a virtual reality is real.  But it’s still virtual.

Kipu:   Exactly.  Always.  This is always the case.  The life expression, the physical body itself, is nothing more than the tip of the pencil, the tip of the iceberg.  That is all.

You may use as a reference point the channel, who has chosen not to die in what is referred to as a near-death experience.  This is a classic sharpening.  The nub has been snapped off, instead of worn down, yes?  Sometimes a very new, fresh and sharp pencil may be snapped.

And in that decision to sharpen, this may be done continually throughout the life.  And it is this particular virtue which was greatly promoted by Joseph Smith, of an ongoing practice of continual sharpening, a continual renewal of one’s focus.  [Prayer without ceasing]  With the sharper tip, one may make a finer point, yes?  Joseph Smith was not the only, however he is one of the Kipu who has been invoked by yourself.



11 Aug

The Company You Keep

Q:        You mentioned a minute ago that rogues and angels were also part of the Kipu.  I understand the angels.  But what do you mean by rogues?

Kipu:   Many of the channel’s own parallel incarnations would be referred to as the worst of scoundrels.  And Joseph Smith is another who may be perceived in both categories at once.  And there are more visiting and observing than we could possibly describe.

Q:        When something like this happens, today in our year of time this doesn’t happen a lot.  It’s not the normal thing to be doing.  So when this connection is made, does it attract a lot of attention because it’s simply a rare thing in our age?

Kipu:   We will suggest for you that it is not nearly so rare as you suspect, that all across this planet there are those who pray without ceasing every moment.  Any and every moment you choose to pray without ceasing, you are automatically engaged in that consortium, the consortium that does that.  Is that understood?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   At every moment that you are eating pizza, you are within the pizza consortium.  At every moment that you are fantasizing about eating pizza, or smelling pizza, or if you are not thinking about pizza until you walk past and smell something, you are dipping in and out of the pizza consortium.

And thus you may begin to notice that your own consciousness is a very winding little river that comes and goes.  You may think of the variety of consortiums that you visit each day maybe as a mall, where you are a mall walker, walking around, entering into different shops, or maybe you don’t go into any shops at all.  And each of these is a collective of like-minded souls and individuals who are resonating in the same way at the same time.  This answers your prior question.

9 Aug

How to Learn About the Ghost Dance

Q:        Tell me more about the Ghost Dancers.  The channel has told me about that a little bit, that they tried to tunnel into a different reality because they didn’t like how the whites –

Kipu:   They did not try.  They did it.

Q:        So what happened?

Kipu:   The way for you to connect with the Ghost Dancers is to turn around.  Just turn around and open your eyes.  Turn around and open your eyes, open your ears.  They are all around you.  They are legion within our Kipu consortium.  You may embrace your brothers with your heart.  Open yourself to the understanding that you stand among them energetically at this time, that you are interacting with the legion of warrior-priests.

Most of the Ghost Dancers as physicalized individuals did not identify as either warrior or priest.  The word “warrior” in English is what was basically thought of as an adult male within Native America overall.  Each individual had a responsibility, yes?  In this way Mormonism may translate directly to their cousins on this energetic level.  As you have asked, about how do non‑physical experience physical beings?  This is how.  This is the overlapping.  It is on these points where different beings overlap that they may come together and integrate on a higher level the portions of them that do not overlap.

Q:        The reason I said try is because I thought they tried to physically transfer to another version of Earth that didn’t have all of these white invaders.  That’s the part I’m saying did not succeed.  They physically died, right?

Kipu:   This is your conscious mind gone to the weeds, as we say.  Your conscious mind is now down the rabbit hole.  What there is for you to know is that everything you believe about this, almost everything you believe about this is incorrect, and that your connections to the Ghost Dance are so immediate and so available that you just have no idea.  What you must do is, instead of wondering about how to connect the Greys to the Ghost Dance, this is something you may discuss with the channel.  This is something the two of you may solve this mystery together.  You may form a Scooby gang and begin solving this mystery.  The wealth of information that is available to you at the local geological formations that you have referenced, and others, is more than you could possibly integrate if you lived to be 500 years old.

Q:        So a technique I can use is?

Kipu:   The technique you can use is stop looking for thoughts and information that you can stockpile, and begin having physical experiences that you process within your breathing and within your physical body.

Q:        So I don’t have to physically go to Mount Timpanogos?  I could do this from anywhere?

Kipu:   Will be preferable for you to physically go there.  With respect to the specific question you are asking, you need not seek any more intellectual or cerebral-type information regarding the Ghost Dance.  You have so many Ghost Dance connections within the etheric world that there is no need for you to seek anything other than that connection.  Simply unplug your ears, and they will tell you more than you could ever have hoped to know.

The physical locations will help.  As we have discussed with another questioner regarding the Pi stones, the use of a physical object, specifically a stone or a physical location, a physical location of stones, circle of stones, similar things, serve as a sort of beacon or homing device, which helps individuals to gravitate to the appropriate resonant frequency vibrational ranges.  And thus as we have described earlier with the “pizza consortium,” when you are thinking about pizza, eating pizza, etc., you are temporarily within the pizza consortium, yes?  So, similarly these large mountain locations with the energetic extradimensional realms of energy focused there, fixated there, is certainly very simple to shift and become part of that very large, well-established energetic focal point by physically attending.

Q:        I understand.  To me, that feels like it would work better, that’s why I asked the question.

Kipu:   Yes.  And again, you have answered your own question.  Your feeling is always better than the ideas and thoughts.

Q:        It’s good to confirm, though.  You said last time that I could begin connecting with the being of the Sphinx, or the idea of a being of the Sphinx anytime I wished.  And so my question would be what technique can I use to do that?

Kipu:   We sense that the immediate connection which we have just discussed is the more relevant one, and thus the more logical starting point.  To begin with the Sphinx would be, as they say, going around your butt to get to your elbow.  Whereas the Ghost Dance is very here and very now, and more relevant and pertinent as well as the extensive connections available geographically, there are also the connections you have made by consciously entering the Kipu.  And with your ability to travel in the Southwestern and Northwestern regions of the United States, you may encounter many more such opportunities.  You may become one who is a bit of a rock hound, in a different way.  One who goes about and sniffs out interesting little mysteries.

Q:        That makes sense.   Well, thank you for speaking with me today.  That’s all the questions I think are relevant to ask at this time.  So thank you very much.

Kipu:   We thank you for consciously joining us, and for your efforts within our consortium.  Our love to you.


7 Aug

How to Work with Pi Stones

You have submitted questions regarding a type of stone referred to as a Pi stone, which is a rounded, flat stone with a hole in the center, in the shape commonly referred to as a donut.  And you have asked about the origin of this symbol, whether it is of Lemurian origin due to the fact that many Pacific Rim cultures have utilized this type of stone carving within their own spiritual pursuits.

As we see it, the question is rather backwards, in that this donut shape references a much deeper truth, reflects a much more fundamental reality of human existence than can be attributed to any one civilization.  As we see it, this shape is the two-dimensional form of the toroid, which may be represented as a sort of apple core through which energy flows around the outside and through the center, and circulates around in this way.  And in its two-dimensional form, it represents the macrocosm and the microcosm, the fractality of existence, in that every individual component reflects the entirety of the whole, just as the donut can be inferred from its hole and vice versa.

Thus as we see it, you have used the perfectly appropriate word, which is bottleneck.  We sense an extensive connectivity to parallel incarnations in a wide variety of the civilizations you referenced, including Lemuria, and Mesoamerica, and the Pacific Rim generally.  And thus as we see it, the question should not be which civilization originated this symbol, but rather acknowledging that the energetic signature of this symbol has served as something of a beacon for many people through the vast history of the Earth, and may be used in that way.  You may take that which is literal and expand it metaphorically within your own understanding.  And this is a prime example of this concept.

Thus the second question, “How do I use the Pi stones, and does the sort of rock matter?”  Now, you mentioned three specific rocks.  But we will address the first portion of this question first, how to use them and whether the sort of rock matters.

The way that you use them is to learn how to discover the communication of the individual stones themselves.  As we experience it, each stone has its own consciousness.  We do not go all the way to calling them sentient per se.  However, they are significantly more conscious than many are ordinarily aware.  Thus all minerals of the same composition, all things of the same composition, all trees, in a certain way share one unifying consciousness, which can be accessed through any of the fragments of its expression.  And each fragment of this overarching consciousness will bear a slightly different reflection for each viewer in each instance.  This is what they do.  This is what all the material things of Earth are intended to do for us, do our bidding and provide the reflections that we need.

Does the sort of rock matter?  Yes and no.  You may be able to tap into the overarching archetypal understanding of the macrocosm and the microcosm, the belongingness to existence itself that many have found very comforting.  Those ideas and that consciousness, that sense of awareness of connectivity, of the web of connectivity of all of life, was more prominent in some of the older civilizations, some of the older, more feminine-based civilizations.  And thus you may use your interest and curiosity, your feelings of passion about these topics and about these stones and these older civilizations.  You may use them as invitations to meet and connect with other parts of yourself and other relatives of yours, who are connected with you energetically at this time.

You may use things which are literal to understand the metaphors which form your own life experience.  With respect to the individual rocks, we will give you brief examples for the three minerals that you referenced, of how you may begin to use individual stones to connect with, to show you what is relevant for yourself at any given time.

You may begin by viewing each separate item as one member of a family, you could say.  You may think of a variety of stones sitting together as a coffee shop full of people.  And you may see one and think, “Hm, I might like to discuss this with that person.”  Or you may see another person, and they discuss something with you, and you think, “I am less interested in that conversation, but I would like to talk to that one about this.”  And in the same way you may begin to look over the stones or minerals that you encounter and are considering establishing a working relationship with.

So the way to do this would be, for example you selected jade.  We note that jade is a very soft and generally pale green stone, which is not perfectly clear to see through.  It is easily carved, and has traditionally been used to create wonderfully elaborate and powerful spiritual artworks.  We note that green is the color of the heart chakra.  And thus we suggest you may connect with jade to reflect its softness, its willingness to be transformed.  We have had the image of allowing one’s heart chakra to be carved into a beautiful jade Buddha on an energetic level.  There are many ways to play with this.

With respect to the lapis, again, the indigo color represents the void from which human life emerges and to which it returns.  It therefore connects directly to the third eye chakra, and contains the slivers of gold representing the golden light coming in through the crown and activating the third eye chakra.  Lapis frequently includes other mineral inclusions which may be white, or black, or dark blue.  This may reflect that one may have these illuminating third-eye experiences and still be fully human, with many negative beliefs and obstructions and other issues to work through.

With respect to the third stone, you have described this as a dark stone, which is heat-absorbent.  We suspect that this may be volcanic in nature.  This stone in particular, again, to use it literally, you are saying that it absorbs heat, and heat is energy.  It is dark, like the Earth.  And thus our sense is that you may hold this stone and allow negative energy to pass into it and be transmuted.  This may be thought of as grounding, processing, returning to the Earth that which is no longer useful, just as humans must toilet each day.  This is all a natural part of the process, to purge your energetic body of elements which are no longer useful and may be burdening your system.

With regard to the last part of the question, “Does size matter more than material, or is it the other way around?”  Well, there are those who would say size matters.

We would say that neither the material nor the size necessarily matters.  It all depends on what you wish to accomplish.  You may use a literal donut.  You may pinch your fingers together in a circle and imagine that you are connected to all that exists, that you are connected to creation itself, that you are one part of the whole reflecting the whole in its entirety, another face of God.  So whether the size matters more than the material depends upon the usage.  If you wish to wear it as a ring, we suggest a small one.  If you are using it to smash something flat, we recommend a large and heavy one.