The information regarding the construction, meaning, and nature of the Sphinx is a mystery to be unraveled, unwrapped, opened up, discovered, and marveled at by the human beings within the ascension for whom this particular explosion of joy is relevant.
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9 Aug

How to Learn About the Ghost Dance

Q:        Tell me more about the Ghost Dancers.  The channel has told me about that a little bit, that they tried to tunnel into a different reality because they didn’t like how the whites –

Kipu:   They did not try.  They did it.

Q:        So what happened?

Kipu:   The way for you to connect with the Ghost Dancers is to turn around.  Just turn around and open your eyes.  Turn around and open your eyes, open your ears.  They are all around you.  They are legion within our Kipu consortium.  You may embrace your brothers with your heart.  Open yourself to the understanding that you stand among them energetically at this time, that you are interacting with the legion of warrior-priests.

Most of the Ghost Dancers as physicalized individuals did not identify as either warrior or priest.  The word “warrior” in English is what was basically thought of as an adult male within Native America overall.  Each individual had a responsibility, yes?  In this way Mormonism may translate directly to their cousins on this energetic level.  As you have asked, about how do non‑physical experience physical beings?  This is how.  This is the overlapping.  It is on these points where different beings overlap that they may come together and integrate on a higher level the portions of them that do not overlap.

Q:        The reason I said try is because I thought they tried to physically transfer to another version of Earth that didn’t have all of these white invaders.  That’s the part I’m saying did not succeed.  They physically died, right?

Kipu:   This is your conscious mind gone to the weeds, as we say.  Your conscious mind is now down the rabbit hole.  What there is for you to know is that everything you believe about this, almost everything you believe about this is incorrect, and that your connections to the Ghost Dance are so immediate and so available that you just have no idea.  What you must do is, instead of wondering about how to connect the Greys to the Ghost Dance, this is something you may discuss with the channel.  This is something the two of you may solve this mystery together.  You may form a Scooby gang and begin solving this mystery.  The wealth of information that is available to you at the local geological formations that you have referenced, and others, is more than you could possibly integrate if you lived to be 500 years old.

Q:        So a technique I can use is?

Kipu:   The technique you can use is stop looking for thoughts and information that you can stockpile, and begin having physical experiences that you process within your breathing and within your physical body.

Q:        So I don’t have to physically go to Mount Timpanogos?  I could do this from anywhere?

Kipu:   Will be preferable for you to physically go there.  With respect to the specific question you are asking, you need not seek any more intellectual or cerebral-type information regarding the Ghost Dance.  You have so many Ghost Dance connections within the etheric world that there is no need for you to seek anything other than that connection.  Simply unplug your ears, and they will tell you more than you could ever have hoped to know.

The physical locations will help.  As we have discussed with another questioner regarding the Pi stones, the use of a physical object, specifically a stone or a physical location, a physical location of stones, circle of stones, similar things, serve as a sort of beacon or homing device, which helps individuals to gravitate to the appropriate resonant frequency vibrational ranges.  And thus as we have described earlier with the “pizza consortium,” when you are thinking about pizza, eating pizza, etc., you are temporarily within the pizza consortium, yes?  So, similarly these large mountain locations with the energetic extradimensional realms of energy focused there, fixated there, is certainly very simple to shift and become part of that very large, well-established energetic focal point by physically attending.

Q:        I understand.  To me, that feels like it would work better, that’s why I asked the question.

Kipu:   Yes.  And again, you have answered your own question.  Your feeling is always better than the ideas and thoughts.

Q:        It’s good to confirm, though.  You said last time that I could begin connecting with the being of the Sphinx, or the idea of a being of the Sphinx anytime I wished.  And so my question would be what technique can I use to do that?

Kipu:   We sense that the immediate connection which we have just discussed is the more relevant one, and thus the more logical starting point.  To begin with the Sphinx would be, as they say, going around your butt to get to your elbow.  Whereas the Ghost Dance is very here and very now, and more relevant and pertinent as well as the extensive connections available geographically, there are also the connections you have made by consciously entering the Kipu.  And with your ability to travel in the Southwestern and Northwestern regions of the United States, you may encounter many more such opportunities.  You may become one who is a bit of a rock hound, in a different way.  One who goes about and sniffs out interesting little mysteries.

Q:        That makes sense.   Well, thank you for speaking with me today.  That’s all the questions I think are relevant to ask at this time.  So thank you very much.

Kipu:   We thank you for consciously joining us, and for your efforts within our consortium.  Our love to you.


7 Aug

How to Work with Pi Stones

You have submitted questions regarding a type of stone referred to as a Pi stone, which is a rounded, flat stone with a hole in the center, in the shape commonly referred to as a donut.  And you have asked about the origin of this symbol, whether it is of Lemurian origin due to the fact that many Pacific Rim cultures have utilized this type of stone carving within their own spiritual pursuits.

As we see it, the question is rather backwards, in that this donut shape references a much deeper truth, reflects a much more fundamental reality of human existence than can be attributed to any one civilization.  As we see it, this shape is the two-dimensional form of the toroid, which may be represented as a sort of apple core through which energy flows around the outside and through the center, and circulates around in this way.  And in its two-dimensional form, it represents the macrocosm and the microcosm, the fractality of existence, in that every individual component reflects the entirety of the whole, just as the donut can be inferred from its hole and vice versa.

Thus as we see it, you have used the perfectly appropriate word, which is bottleneck.  We sense an extensive connectivity to parallel incarnations in a wide variety of the civilizations you referenced, including Lemuria, and Mesoamerica, and the Pacific Rim generally.  And thus as we see it, the question should not be which civilization originated this symbol, but rather acknowledging that the energetic signature of this symbol has served as something of a beacon for many people through the vast history of the Earth, and may be used in that way.  You may take that which is literal and expand it metaphorically within your own understanding.  And this is a prime example of this concept.

Thus the second question, “How do I use the Pi stones, and does the sort of rock matter?”  Now, you mentioned three specific rocks.  But we will address the first portion of this question first, how to use them and whether the sort of rock matters.

The way that you use them is to learn how to discover the communication of the individual stones themselves.  As we experience it, each stone has its own consciousness.  We do not go all the way to calling them sentient per se.  However, they are significantly more conscious than many are ordinarily aware.  Thus all minerals of the same composition, all things of the same composition, all trees, in a certain way share one unifying consciousness, which can be accessed through any of the fragments of its expression.  And each fragment of this overarching consciousness will bear a slightly different reflection for each viewer in each instance.  This is what they do.  This is what all the material things of Earth are intended to do for us, do our bidding and provide the reflections that we need.

Does the sort of rock matter?  Yes and no.  You may be able to tap into the overarching archetypal understanding of the macrocosm and the microcosm, the belongingness to existence itself that many have found very comforting.  Those ideas and that consciousness, that sense of awareness of connectivity, of the web of connectivity of all of life, was more prominent in some of the older civilizations, some of the older, more feminine-based civilizations.  And thus you may use your interest and curiosity, your feelings of passion about these topics and about these stones and these older civilizations.  You may use them as invitations to meet and connect with other parts of yourself and other relatives of yours, who are connected with you energetically at this time.

You may use things which are literal to understand the metaphors which form your own life experience.  With respect to the individual rocks, we will give you brief examples for the three minerals that you referenced, of how you may begin to use individual stones to connect with, to show you what is relevant for yourself at any given time.

You may begin by viewing each separate item as one member of a family, you could say.  You may think of a variety of stones sitting together as a coffee shop full of people.  And you may see one and think, “Hm, I might like to discuss this with that person.”  Or you may see another person, and they discuss something with you, and you think, “I am less interested in that conversation, but I would like to talk to that one about this.”  And in the same way you may begin to look over the stones or minerals that you encounter and are considering establishing a working relationship with.

So the way to do this would be, for example you selected jade.  We note that jade is a very soft and generally pale green stone, which is not perfectly clear to see through.  It is easily carved, and has traditionally been used to create wonderfully elaborate and powerful spiritual artworks.  We note that green is the color of the heart chakra.  And thus we suggest you may connect with jade to reflect its softness, its willingness to be transformed.  We have had the image of allowing one’s heart chakra to be carved into a beautiful jade Buddha on an energetic level.  There are many ways to play with this.

With respect to the lapis, again, the indigo color represents the void from which human life emerges and to which it returns.  It therefore connects directly to the third eye chakra, and contains the slivers of gold representing the golden light coming in through the crown and activating the third eye chakra.  Lapis frequently includes other mineral inclusions which may be white, or black, or dark blue.  This may reflect that one may have these illuminating third-eye experiences and still be fully human, with many negative beliefs and obstructions and other issues to work through.

With respect to the third stone, you have described this as a dark stone, which is heat-absorbent.  We suspect that this may be volcanic in nature.  This stone in particular, again, to use it literally, you are saying that it absorbs heat, and heat is energy.  It is dark, like the Earth.  And thus our sense is that you may hold this stone and allow negative energy to pass into it and be transmuted.  This may be thought of as grounding, processing, returning to the Earth that which is no longer useful, just as humans must toilet each day.  This is all a natural part of the process, to purge your energetic body of elements which are no longer useful and may be burdening your system.

With regard to the last part of the question, “Does size matter more than material, or is it the other way around?”  Well, there are those who would say size matters.

We would say that neither the material nor the size necessarily matters.  It all depends on what you wish to accomplish.  You may use a literal donut.  You may pinch your fingers together in a circle and imagine that you are connected to all that exists, that you are connected to creation itself, that you are one part of the whole reflecting the whole in its entirety, another face of God.  So whether the size matters more than the material depends upon the usage.  If you wish to wear it as a ring, we suggest a small one.  If you are using it to smash something flat, we recommend a large and heavy one.


4 Aug

How to Ask the Kipu Questions

Kipu:   Yes, thank you for connecting.

Q:        Hi, how are you today?

Kipu:   Perfect.

Q:        I have a procedural question about these channeling sessions, which is should we talk about topics as they come up, or should I ask a member of the Kipu if they have a specific message to share?

Kipu:   It is to be understood that you are among family and among friends.  You are communing with yourself, as the channel communes with herself.  And you have joined in this endeavor in a way that to some degree escapes your conscious understanding and awareness.  Thus as you connect within yourself, other avenues of exploration become available.  As the channel connects within herself, the same process occurs on her side.  Then as you connect with each other there is an exponential expansion of this process by virtue of the inclusion of other physical beings and their non‑physical coterie.  Is that understood?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   Thus the more you remain in the flow and in the moment, the more of the non‑physical Kipu you may experience at any given time.  As you open up your own energy field, the questions that fill that space will be coming from a more heart-centered and physically grounded place within yourself.  And thus the conversations that you may embark upon will have a markedly different quality.

In terms of a specific message from a specific Kipu, this will not be a thing.  We communicate constantly with our physical Kipu.  We overlap to great degrees, and increasing degrees as the connection is strengthened within each of the physical Kipu.  Their connection to each other, and to their own Kipu, as well as the overall collective thus is mutually enhancing in what may be described as a feedback loop.

It is not to be thought of as a sort of fortune cookie, where one may reach in and retrieve some random bit of information which does not apply unless the words “in bed” are tacked to the end.   There will not be so much of a request for information like an internet search.

We communicate that which we find most salient at any given time.  This is akin to a prior question surrounding whether the conscious mind or the physical mind had dominion over the physical body experience.  Again, the physically manifested never directs the energetically based.  Is that understood?  This is not to say that the physical ones are outranked among the Kipu.  However, the non‑physical Kipu are operating at the higher-self level, and thus the amount of information coming through any specific channel at any given time must be borne by the infrastructure of said channel, the connection said individual has within their own higher self.  You may not place 10 pounds of baloney in a 5-pound bag.

We do not inject ourselves into your conscious mind experience any further than is required to guide you in the establishment and perfection of the bridge between the conscious and the higher selves.  It is to be understood that the physical aspect of the Kipu must build the bridge from the physical side, in order to ground the connection.  We may not build it for you.

Q:        Okay.  I asked because in our last session when we were talking about Xyalatl, and he said that this was the message he wanted to share now.  He gave a great message about not putting so much stock into your beliefs.  I just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t some other message that another member of the Kipu had to say.  I know there’s a lot of information you have to share.  I think you’ve answered my question.  We’ll just continue talking about the subjects that we feel are important to talk about, and those messages will come out in their own due time.

Kipu:   Precisely.  It is something akin to an Easter egg hunt, you may say.  We care too much for you, and we value too much the work of our consortium, to hand you the whole basket of eggs.  We know how much you enjoy finding them.  This is the best way to explain it.  This is the clearest and most concise explanation.

It is not an authority matter.  It is not a matter of control or authority, etc.  However, the desire to extract specific outcomes, be it information, or remote viewing, or other such objects or material manifestations or observable phenomena, is backwards thinking, is the physical attempting to direct the higher level.  This is back to the pencil analogy.  It is not the choice of the tip whether to be sharpened.  It is the one who owns the pencil. Thus you may say the message for today is, do not push the river.


2 Aug

On Eating Animals

Q:        Because everything is made of energy – humans, plants, the Earth, animals – if an animal is killed, and is afraid when it’s killed, and we eat that animal, how does it affect us?

Kipu:   We thank you so much for this question.  We may pause here to clarify the bridge between those two questions, the last one and this one.  Within the overall Kipu, the central Kipu consortium of the channel and her parallel incarnations, there is an extensive Native American contingent among what are known as the Ghost Dancers.  The Ghost Dancers would be the more relevant or more – we are trying not to say geographically close, but more similar, proximal vibrationally, more trenchant at this time, the Ghost Dancers.

And this is a point where Smith’s connection with Native America, and your desire to recraft your version of the church, or your own practice within it, may benefit greatly from your participation in this project.  That is to say that on a spiritual level, as you have entered into this working group we call the Kipu, you have made new friends who have brought new energies to the table, which is how this question has arisen.  And we extend our great gratitude with a group hug for the asking of it.

Now, what is to be known is that the attitude towards animals in your society is perceived as a negative thing.  And this is self-evident.  We would say to you, and to those who despair or disdain the maltreatment of the Earth and her creatures, that the Native American understanding of this applies perfectly to modern society as well.  And thus as an animal is consumed, there is to be an understanding and an awareness that life was taken, that a sacrifice was made, that the energy has been transferred to the continuance of a higher-mind self sharpening its pencil.  In order to keep that pencil sharp, for most beings there will be some required energy intake.  And thus it is within the recognition of the sacrifice of the beings that the animals then become merged with your higher self expression, and become part of a pencil tip of an entirely different sort of intelligence – to mix analogies, or to use the analogy over multiple questions.

Q:        Essentially you’re saying it’s okay to eat animals, as long as we do it with the understanding of what’s really happening, that a sacrifice was made, a life was lost, and the energy was transferred to us?

Kipu:   A life was not lost.  A life was transferred.

Q:        Yes.  The energy was transferred.

Kipu:   Energy was transferred.  A life was transferred.  A certain amount of the life force energy was transferred.  And it is to be understood, as you have asked before about God, God is the sum total of energy.  That is all.  That is all.  And thus energy shifts and moves.  But it doesn’t disappear.  It doesn’t get bigger or smaller.  It only shifts and moves.  And as gratitude, we have said, is the quickest route to receipt of grace, we note that grace and gratitude will tend to transmute negativity, much like duct tape fixes mundane problems.

Q:        They raise animals on these big farms.  They don’t treat them well.  They kill them.

Kipu:   Yes, we understand.  As we have said, the mindfulness of the experience of the other beings, the mindfulness as you consume the flesh of one that you are consuming the flesh of millions, on some level.  As we have said, mushrooms are all connected.  They are all, on some level, the same thing.  Any amount of consciousness looks like that while it is mushrooming.  And the animals of this planet have been stressed to the point where many, many of them have asked to leave and simply not return.  And this is called extinction, as the parallel Earths continue to split into the multitude of energetic frequency ranges that are required for the new opportunities that are constantly spawning within this splitting time.

31 Jul

How Do the Kipu Experience Time?

Kipu:   Yes, thank you for connecting.

Q:        Hi.  It’s good for me to talk to you today.

Kipu:   Yes, thank you.

Q:        For us, it’s been a week since I spoke with you last.  How long has it been from your perspective?

Kipu:   Forever.

Q:        Forever and no time?

Kipu:   Yes.  These moments are sort of cherry-picked.  From our side, things are not sorted so much chronologically, but rather by theme or topic.

Q:        I see.  So you essentially pick the theme and then choose to address everything all in the same sitting, or all at once?

Kipu:   No, it is more like the separation of the mass reality that we are experiencing now with the parallel Earths splitting.  Yes?  You are aware of that?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   It’s the same sort of thing, where like attracts like, water seeks its level.  So if you’re not looking at things chronologically, everything that may – it’s not so specific as we sense that you’re thinking of it.  It’s not like there’s a big book or a list.  But there can be things that are of the same emotional quality, or the same metaphor, the same specific image, could be geographical location.  But all of these things are happening on multiple levels at once, yes?  Just as you’re sitting in a county, and you are of a certain age numerically.  Do you see what we’re saying?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   You are happening on many levels at once.  It depends which one you look at.

Q:        Right.  So physical beings typically just experience one reality at a time, whereas you –

Kipu:   No, no, no.  Physical beings are experiencing a plethora of realities at all times.  It’s just that the conscious mind will permit a tiny fraction of the overall experience to be consciously perceived.


28 Jul

Who Are the Kipu?

Q:        So you, the Kipu, are you mostly people who have lived monastic lives?  Or do you have various backgrounds?

Kipu:   First know that we the Kipu includes yourself.

Q:        Okay, us the Kipu.  Thank you.

Kipu:   Us, the Kipu.  We, the Kipu.  The consortium referred to generally as Kipu is centered around the channel herself and her parallel incarnations, most of whom have monastic ties.  She has extensive monastic ties.  However, it is to be understood that the overall Kipu, when we discuss Kipu, is a constantly fluctuating and changing consortium of, we could say, visiting scholars, rogues, and angels who come and go.

Just as the prior question about how you are perceived or how you are experienced, as your expression of consciousness throws off a certain light, at a certain, vibration, it is almost like a smell.  And as other individuals who have olfactory apparatus are attracted or repelled by certain smells, when a certain scent is positive or attractive, such an individual gravitates to that smell.  This is not a thing where the first individual has said, “I wish to present a smell!”  It is simply something that is part of existence.  And the one who is attracted to it similarly does not necessarily consciously gravitate, although it can also be conscious, as we have discussed with the bridging concept between the physical and the higher mind.  Does that make sense?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   So, like attracts like.  Water seeks its own level.  This happens on many levels at once.  Again, you are happening on many levels at once.  It is necessary and important to focus the physical mind down, yes?  Do you understand?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   This is what is called grounding, is the attentiveness to the actual presentation of the life as perceived.  That is the No. 1 job of the conscious mind, is to gather facts.  That is all.  Simply gather, gather, gather facts, and allow the higher self to create the plans and provide the navigation.  Allow the higher self to provide the navigation.  Keep your pencil sharpened with your thoughts, with your insistence on doing so.

Q:        Yes.  So this consortium that we’re a part of now is a consortium of what, integrity?  Can you elaborate on that?

Kipu:   Well, the primary Kipu consortium, as described, is, again, focused around the channel herself and her parallel incarnations.  You may think of her core consciousness as a working group, like a consulting firm.  And then other consultants, and other consulting firms may merge and diverge, depending upon the project, the interest, the skill sets, etc.  Does that answer your question?


26 Jul

The Legends of Mount Timpanogos

Q:        Near my home town in Heber City, Utah, there is a mountain called Mount Timpanogos.  And from my perspective, on my side of the mountain, on the left-hand side there is what looks like an outline of a woman lying down.  And it made me think about the Sphinx.  You said the Sphinx was a physicalization of a collective of beings.  I’m probably messing that up.  But I wanted to ask if the Mount Timpanogos structure, the way it was designed, does that represent anything?  What can you say more about that?

Kipu:   We may say that there are two entirely different things at work.  The Sphinx was a physicalization in terms of inspiration that was required, the amount of consortium input that had to be physicalized by human beings to make that happen was enormous.  Understood?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   The Sphinx is only a physicalization in that sense.  There was no incarnation per se in that way.  It was literally a monument created by an enormous group.  The amount of consortium-level energy that had to be filtered down appropriately through living channels at the timeframe was extraordinary, phenomenal.  As above, so below.  That was a manifestation of an energetic creation.  You may think of it as a channeling.  It is a channeled expression of an artwork that exists on an energetic level, and serves an entirely different resonance function within its working group.  And that is all the hints you will get about that for today.

Q:        Fair enough.

Kipu:   What was the other question?  Oh, about the mountain, Timpanogos.  Our sense of this is that you have hit upon a local energetic, naturally occurring vortex, which is connected to specific interdimensional beings, or used in a specific way.  This is why the appearance to yourself in your imagination.  As we have said, imagination and intuition are the same thing.  Those words are interchangeable.  And thus when you see a natural feature, especially in your geographical location, where this is a very prominent cultural artifact, it is a very likely experience to have in the American Southwest generally.  Because similar experiences have happened many times, and these energetic connections have been strengthened and reinforced over generations on both sides.

And thus as you experience such things triggering such imaginations of specific beings, images, or ideas which open up other vistas of exploration for yourself, you may take the literal things metaphorically.

Q:        Right.  The literal mountain shape I can take metaphorically in some way?

Kipu:   Yes.  For example, if that were a woman lying there, you may ask yourself on an energetic level, why?  In this way you may come to know that being.  You may come to familiarize yourself with the interdimensional being recognized as a figure by yourself, by your own intuition.  This is similar to an interdimensional being known as the Angel of Shavano in Colorado, which the channel has experienced in a similar way.  This is a vortex or portal.

Q:        So if I were to go to the top of that, is that where the vortex would be strongest?

Kipu:   It is not logical to assume directionality would apply in an interdimensional exchange.  You would automatically gravitate to the portion of the field that was more relevant for yourself in whatever way.  And as you own consciousness and intention and experience continue to shift and change within that energetic field, the response and the outcome would naturally shift and flow as well.  Things are not so hard and fast.  There are not such clear and firm lines as you tend to think.

Q:        That makes sense.

Kipu:   We sense that we have not answered your question fully.

Q:        Well, there’s an Native American legend around the mountain.  They have various stories of what happened.  So that’s just their perception of the energy of that place, is that correct?

Kipu:   These are your beginning starting points of coming to familiarize yourself and acquaint yourself with that being, of the mountain, the beings, the interdimensional beings who have this established history of interaction and communication with the local humans.  This is how you may observe the interaction that this same being has had with other humans.  And you may begin to apply their experiences as a preamble or a prefix to your own.  And then you may begin to add your own experiences with that being, or those beings, to the overall canon of understanding.

Q:        The part of this that I’m confused about is which beings are you talking about.  Are you talking about ETs?  Interdimensional beings?  Or are you talking about the beings of the mountain itself?  Or the Earth?

Kipu:   All three.  It is all three.  It is all three at once.  It is all three at once.  Interdimensional beings can inhabit a mountain for certain timeframes, for certain purposes.

Q:        That answers that, thank you.

Kipu:   We sense there is still some confusion.

Q:        When you say being, I imagine like a physical, human-sized being.

Kipu:   Well, this is a mistake on your part, then, isn’t it?

Q:        Well, that’s what I’m trying to understand.

Kipu:   Silly rabbit.  Silly rabbit!  What shape is the Holy Ghost?

Q:        I don’t know.  It doesn’t have a shape.  It depends on who you ask.

Kipu:   Is it a being?

Q:        Sure, yes.

Kipu:   Extradimensional beings need not have any shape or form whatsoever.  You may think of it as a glob of consciousness, literally nothing more than a cloud of consciousness, without the cloud.

Q:        I understand that.  I just wanted to make sure you weren’t saying something like an ET civilization had come down on the mountain and done something.

Kipu:   [Laughing]  We have not said they did not.  We have certainly not said they did not.  That question was not asked.

Q:        Do you want to say more about those events?

Kipu:   Please ask a specific question.

Q:        Did an extraterrestrial civilization land on Mount Timpanogos at some point in time?

Kipu:   When you say “land on,” this is an overly specific definition.  We have said several times that many extradimensional beings come and go from this mountain at different times, for different reasons.  They may be extradimensional, they may be extraterrestrial, they may be many different beings.  There are, however, certain beings which have an extensive history of interaction with the Native humans of the area.  And as we have said, the legends and stories of such have been examples of interactions with one or more of such beings inhabiting the mountain.

The extradimensionals may be connected with the elementals as extended family in ways which you may not be able to perceive currently, in that the Earth has sisters, and brothers, and cousins, yes?  And thus other beings may come to the Earth to connect with her in certain locations at certain times, for reasons you may not have imagined.  And thus the connections with the local humans, and the interactions with the local humans, may be incidental, simply because the consciousnesses or the other beings are in the area, and the Native Americans were consistently aware of their higher selves, were consistently living a lifestyle that enabled them to keep their pencils sharp.  And thus they were able to notice the beings within the mountains as simply as they were able to notice animals walking around.


24 Jul

Dogma and Karma


Q:        Why do the legends say that Western Native Americans had to sacrifice people to bring rain?  Did that really happen among Native Americans, human sacrifice?  Let me clarify, among the ones that were aware of their higher selves?

Kipu:   The question is somewhat difficult in the framing, in that it is not so rigid a concept as you are perceiving.  Their awareness of their higher selves was more akin to lucid dreaming, was more akin to a much larger perspective.

As we have discussed, one of our Kipu, Xyalatl, has been an ancestral, archetypal Mesoamerican Toltec-Aztec priest.  And he was someone who you would consider to be a lucid dreamer who prayed without ceasing.  And thus it is entirely possible to get this enormous question, this enormous theological issue, incorrect.  Even for the most diligent and dedicated servant, it is entirely possible to confuse whether reality or consciousness is more important.  Even when we know the correct answer, it is still entirely possible to come up with the wrong result.

Q:        This is kind of like Joseph Smith receiving a certain message and then going sideways with it due to his own belief systems?

Kipu:   Correct.  That said, we will, as you might say, keep it 100.  Xyalatl had much stronger integrity than Joseph Smith.  Joseph Smith would not be so much in this conversation without your invocation of him.  And you have graced him.  You have assisted in Joseph Smith’s shoveling his way out of hell.

Q:        How would I do that?

Kipu:   You have done it by invoking Joseph Smith.  He worked his way through, with his own integrity, to the point where he was able to connect with you at the level where you were able to consciously enter this consortium.  And thus using your integrity to discuss him, to, as we have said, “Beetlejuice” him, you have brought him more directly into the conversation than he would otherwise be.  He is thus able to share what he has learned with us all.

Q:        Good.  When Xyalatl would sacrifice children he had integrity, but his belief systems were that he had to sacrifice someone for a much more positive benefit?  Is that correct?

Kipu:   Yes.  He believed that he was drawing all of the Earth’s evil unto himself.

Q:        That’s crazy to me.

Kipu:   No, within his context it made perfect sense at the time.  This is what he has to say for you, is that the same mistake that he made, anyone can make, and people make all the time.  To believe – we must not be so sure of conscious beliefs.  Don’t believe everything you think.

Q:        His was just on a more life-and-death scale, if you will?

Kipu:   Xyalatl was an individual whose self-discipline and sobriety would stun Joseph Smith into shame.

Q:        So the message is don’t believe our conscious thoughts and beliefs so much?

Kipu:   Yes.  Don’t place so much stock in the things that you think.  You must always resort to your energy self.  You must always, always believe what you feel and what you know.  Is it not that you have often been in an experience where on the surface level, the words and the flow of ordinary things appeared to be just fine, but in your gut you felt like things were just not right somehow?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   This is always the case.  This is a question of picking up on subtler energetic realities and truths which are frequently bypassed by the conscious mind.  We will say with respect to an earlier question, it is entirely appropriate for the conscious mind to be continually gathering information and handing it over to the higher self.  The higher self will give directions in the form of physical sensations.  And thus awareness, such as with breath and body awareness, is crucial to being guided by the higher self at all times and in all things.

And thus we may say prayer without ceasing is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.  That is to say, maintaining that conscious connection to your higher self within your physicalization is a highly recommended lifestyle choice.

Q:        Another word we have for that is intuition.  Isn’t it the same thing, kind of feeling what’s right?

Kipu:   Intuition is the same thing as imagination.  We are talking about a much more immediate experience, your immediate experience of life, the actual sensation.  It is to be understood that there is only one life, and all beings are sharing of it.  And thus the portion that you call “you” is one bit of it, which has been squashed down in a certain way to continue the pencil analogy, and hardened, squashed down, pushed, hardened all the way down into expression as a physical being.

Q:        Did Xyalatl feel like something wasn’t quite right, but he didn’t listen to his feelings?

Kipu:   Yes.  As the old saying goes, his dogma ran over his karma.  His karma ran over his dogma.  [Laughs]


21 Jul

What is God?

Q:        Who or what is God, from your perspective?

Kipu:   Our sense of God is that it is a sum-total consortium, macrocosm and microcosm, just as we who call ourselves the Kipu for the purpose of this project also identify as members of many, many other multitudinous collectives, yes?  And thus God may be seen as the sum total of all collectives of consciousness, which simply cooperates within different energetic ranges, frequencies, and vibrations, in order to explore various themes.

Q:        So there’s not one person who’s God that looks over everything?  It’s more of a collective?

Kipu:   It is a fractal, which may be viewed, perhaps, as a sphere.  Whereas we may see iterations of fractal geometry with beautiful vivid colors in many iterations, yes?  Have you seen such images?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   Yes.  If you may imagine that all that exists is something along the lines of a Rubik’s cube, however spherical in shape – if it were to specifically have a shape, which we are not saying that it does, other than for purposes of this discussion.  However, it may be thought of as something akin to a spherical Rubik’s cube, composed of all fractals.  If you were to take all fractals which exist, and sort of roll them backward, work them backwards to the actual Big Bang, you would find this spherical Rubik’s cube type structure, metaphorically speaking.  Does that make sense?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   Thus, as this spherical sort of Rubik’s cube composed of all fractals expanded in all directions to its full expression — which is an infinite process, yes?  If you understand fractals.  This was perceived as the Big Bang. Each iteration of a fractal contains the entirety, just as each individuated consciousness contains the entirety of God.  Again, it is a macrocosm and microcosm.