Reiki with Teresa

Reiki Remote Session:  $65

With remote Reiki, positive energy is focused in your direction without any physical contact.  This positive energy flow can be used by the recipient to create the most beneficial outcome, not any specific outcome.  Reiki must be allowed, rather than directed.

At times I am able to get a sense of the receiver’s physical or emotional condition, especially as those two overlap.  People generally experience relaxation during remote Reiki, though every experience is different.  Sometimes people experience mental clarity, tingling, heat, something like warm oil under the skin, or other physical sensations.  Sometimes people feel nothing at all, and this is fine too.  The only requirement is a desire to accept the energy which is sent, and a willingness to let the positive energy flow through you as it will.

If you are not sure if this is for you, please feel free to contact me at, and request a remote Reiki sample.  If you do this, please include your name and a time that you would like to receive the positive energy, including your time zone.

After the remote session, I will contact you with any feedback or advice, and to see if you have any questions or comments.


Reiki practitioner training:  $500

The practitioner course includes an e-coursebook for each practitioner level, three levels of attunement, and a Skype (or in person in the Los Angeles area)  class for each lesson.  The attunements can be done by distance just as well as in-person.   I recommend spacing the three levels about one month apart, however the timing of this is individual.  The student becomes a Reiki practitioner, able to give Reiki to themselves and others, after the first lesson.

(Note:  I do not teach or attune the levels a la carte.  If you have been attuned by someone else but want me to attune you just for one level, I still go over my attunement and coursework for all three levels.)

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