6 Sep

Remote Viewing

Q:        My other question was how you, the Kipu, perceive physical beings.  Do you perceive our energy, or do you see a picture of us?  How does that work from your perspective?

Kipu:   We perceive something akin to a multilayered Venn diagram, within which there are areas of specific focus.  This is a constantly moving concept, similar to single-celled organisms splitting, moving, merging, joining, constantly within a pond.  And thus we connect with whichever portion of you, at any given time, is available to be connected with, is at the same vibrational quality, is within the same range as our own at any given time, which is in continual flux on all sides, yes?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   Is this making sense so far?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   Thus there may be a tiny fraction of one individual available to be connected with by the Kipu at any given time, or any individual at any given time, based on what each individual makes available, and which other individuals are available for what.  Is this clear?

Q:        Specifically, if I hold up fingers can you tell me how many fingers I have held up right now?  Is it that specific?  Or is it more emotional?

Kipu:   It is more emotional.  In order for the finger experiment that you are talking about, this is possible for the channel to do.  However, she is not at that point yet.  There will be a time when you will be able to do that with her.  However, that is between you and her, not necessarily involving us other than the fact that we are assisting her in fully establishing her third eye connection in this way.

Q:        I understand.  And once she has that connection she’ll be able to perceive more of all that is, and then perceive how many fingers I would have held up, is that correct?

Kipu:   She will be perceiving, in a certain sense, less of all that is in order to do that.

Q:        Focusing on that?

Kipu:   Yes, narrowing her focus down in that particular way.  Whereas while she is connecting from this side, the non‑physical side, she is experiencing only the most open parts of yourself.  When she is looking, remote viewing your hands, she is using a very specific portion of her frontal lobe.

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