Should we Skip Suffering and Miss the Lessons?

29 Sep

Should we Skip Suffering and Miss the Lessons?

Q:        We look at it in our society as, “How can we cure cancer?”  But I’m wondering if we’d even want to cure it?  Because then we’d lose out on the lessons that it teaches us.

Kipu:   We would recommend that the search for the highest and best possible health, and the full-steam charging in that direction is always recommended.  The fact that you have gone to the extreme time and trouble to manifest a physical expression, and to sustain it on a daily basis, when you consider the number of animals which are killed to further your physical existence it becomes a sort of obligation to hold one’s body as one’s temple and do the best one can to live a healthy, productive, and joyous life.  We would say this is what God wants from us.  Therefore fight for the health of your body.  Fight for the health of your life.  Fight for that which you love.

Q:        So if the cause is energetic, then if we achieve energetic balance then we’d be less likely to get cancer?

Kipu:   It is possible to shift yourself into different versions of your own life, different parallel reality versions of yourself  as each sentient being does continually, we shift through various parallel reality versions of ourselves.

This mechanism is displayed in the Hindu and Hare Krishna artwork in which we see the face of one deity, with many thousand or hundreds of faces extending in each direction, yes?  And each of the faces is slightly distinct.  This is a way of demonstrating that point of consciousness, which is known as the now, is the face that we see in that center point.  And the other faces to each side are the available shifts from that particular point.  These are the options to which the very next shifts may come, based on proximity of the energetic resonance.  Does that make sense?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   And thus you may be able to shift to an entirely different version of yourself which does not have cancer.  However, this is an enormous shift.  And some people have done it.  However, there is all of that work to be done in the middle.  To make such a shift is no small feat.  Many people must experience the physical death in order to fully process the ideas and the learning that was required of this.

It is also to be remembered and understood that in having the disease known as cancer, or the condition known as cancer, the individuals experiencing this physical poor health are providing many opportunities for many other people to be supportive or not, to learn new things about medicine or not, to process many spiritual and emotional questions, just as you are, you see?  They serve many valuable roles and functions within the community overall, just as each of us does when we have our own “crosses to bear.”

Q:        That makes sense.


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