Tarot by Teresa

I do tarot using the Waite-Rider-Coleman deck exclusively.  Available readings:

Yes or No/One Card:  $5

In this reading, I pull one card.  If you have a yes or no question, I give you the symbolism of the card and whether it is yes or no.  This can also be a general focus card if you have an ongoing question.

Five-Card (Teresa’s favorite):  $45

I invented this layout to give a comprehensive look at one issue.  The layout looks at you, your challenge, your momentum, then gives an option and a gift.

Celtic Cross (comprehensive) $85

This is a classic 10-card layout, looking at the overall situation of the questioner, including conscious and subconscious patterns as well as the influences of other people.

Four-card past-present-future or relationship:  $35

I do a three-card layout with the addition of a general focus card.  (I love those.)

All layouts will be sent via a Word document.  To order, please include:

  1. Your birthday (just the Sun sign, not the full natal chart information.)
  2. Your question, if any.  No question needed.  I can determine the topic on my end.

Readings are generally delivered within 48 hours, usually within 24. However we can’t guarantee immediate availability. Thanks for your understanding.

Name & Email
Birthday & Question (if any)