25 Sep

The Causes of Cancer

Q:        I have a distant relative who just had cancer reappear.  She already had cancer before, and it came back.  My question generally about cancer, is the cause of if physical or emotional?

Kipu:   All physical expression is a reflection of energetic patterns.  That is not to say necessarily emotional, that is to say energetic.  So as an individual incarnates into a specific life, the body, the parents, the location, the exact time of day, all of these things are chosen quite specifically.  As we have said and others have said many millions of times, nothing happens by accident.  Everythign is part of a choreography.  There is certainly a way that things are.  All things exist here.  All things exist now.  And thus there is no randomization whatsoever.  There is only the choice of moving through one experience after another as we see fit, yes?

Q:        Right.

Kipu:   Thus an individual who chooses a body which may develop any sort of illness or issue such as cancer, or for that matter spina bifida, any sort of a physical manifestation which presents an automatic and distinct personal and existential challenge for the individual contains all of the learning curve as a human being that could possibly be required by that individual.

In some cases where an individual manifests and illness which will end up terminating the life, without any opportunity for the individual to alter that outcome within the current technology of their society, this may be seen as an individual working within themselves to examine issues of control of the conscious mind, of the physical experience versus the acceptance of the higher mind as the constant driver of the life.

This is one of many reasons why someone may develop cancer.  This is by no means to say that this is a blaming of the individual, or that they caused their own problems to any degree more than anyone else does.  There can be a certain misunderstanding within your society that those who manifest poverty, or illness, or disaster, etc., have manifested this due to a lack of worth on their own part.  This is a consistent toxicity within the Protestant work ethic.  In our assessment this is not a healthy or a viable viewpoint to hold.  And it is certainly not applicable to cancer.  It is not a punishment.


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