What About Negative Governments?

30 Aug

What About Negative Governments?

Q:        What can we do to have peace on Earth?  For example, there’s a negative government, maybe in the Middle East.  The United States goes to war with them, and that causes the Middle East to hate the United States —

Kipu:   Yes, yes, yes.  The idea here is, again, the false externalization of others.  There is no negative government over there.  There are many negatively oriented beings all throughout the Earth.  They are liberally sprinkled and peppered throughout the overall population.  They have among themselves an extraordinarily negative soul family, you could say.  There are obviously multiple consortiums and soul families among the negatively oriented beings upon the planet at this time.  Does that make sense?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   Just as the Kipu are composed of many positively oriented beings who are on the path of exploring the more positive sides of these themes and ideas, so there are other consortiums who are of a negative focus and orientation.  It is to be understood that this is fully within their right.  These are fully valid choices that they make.  Each one gets to decide what meal they will make of the life experience, and what their process will be upon completion of the individuated life, yes?  And thus many beings have chosen to eat a meal composed of, for example, ground glass, and cigarette butts, and many other things which we would not recommend calling a meal.  And so their process of processing this information, of digesting their consciousness experience may be less pleasant than those who, shall we say, ate salad.

Q:        So if good people want to help spread more positivity throughout the Earth, then we simply need to be the change we want to see?  We simply need to change ourselves and then the Earth will reflect that change?

Kipu:   As has been explained to you by other teachers, the world that you experience, the environment that you experience, the circumstances and all of the people within that environment, are simply projections of your own consciousness.  Your external state is a mirror of your internal state, similar to your holodeck, as you have seen on your Star Trek television show, yes?

Q:        Yes.

Kipu:   And you’re familiar with the holodeck and how it operates?

Q:        Not exactly.

Kipu:   The holodeck is a special compartment within the ship, wherein the computer creates a holographic blank space in which the individual wishing to enter that compartment may program in the experience they wish to have.  They may choose the planet.  They may choose the pursuit or activity.  They may choose other partners.  All of those things will be experienced as though they were fully real, within the holodeck.

However, nothing can actually breach the holodeck itself.  The entire time the individual is within the holodeck chamber, they are actually in full control, because they are the ones who have programmed the experience and made all the choices.  And they may feel that they are on any planet, at any time, doing anything, with anyone.  However, in actuality they are within a compartment within a larger place.

Q:        Right.  It’s a virtual reality.

Kipu:   And this is what your physical reality is, a virtual reality.  Your higher mind is the ship.  The holodeck is the physical life experience.  The individual that you think of as your individuated self is like the crew member.  The themes that you choose to work on within the life, whether you choose to have a positive or negative orientation, all of the other questions and concerns are up to personal discretion.  Those are programmed in.  And as you enter the holodeck, you may consider that the birth into the incarnation.  While you are in your incarnated self, you remain within the overall sense of your core consciousness, which contains many, myriad other beings, just as the holodeck is within the overall starship.

Q:        And it’s possible to realize that we’re in a holodeck when we’re in it?

Kipu:   This is considered lucid dreaming, yes.  Lucid dreaming would be like walking out of the holodeck, realizing that you are in the holodeck, and saying, “I would like to just walk out now, and step back in.”

Q:        So it’s possible to create anything that we want in life, by simply realizing that we’re in a holodeck and that we are the creators of our reality?

Kipu:   It is theoretically possible to shift to any parallel version of yourself that you can imagine.  Imagination and intuition, again, are the same thing.  And thus if you are able to imagine some scenario, then there is some connection to your own consciousness that permits such “imagining” to occur within your conscious mind.  However, the relevance or the amount of energy it would take you to achieve such a shift, your motivation will depend upon relevance.

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